Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is the historic inn, Casa del Gavilan. This was one place we stayed on our weekend getaway before becoming four. And let me tell you I absolutely loved it here!

Our room (below) is named the Phillips room; with two windows that opened to the courtyard and the "Tooth of Time" ridge on the mountains.

A library, breakfast, and nature trails were just some of the other "perks" that came with staying here.

Even Logan seemed to fit in well; he chased the birds and cats through the courtyard, flirted with the housekeeper (who was from New Zealand), and of course scoped out and played with everything in our room.

The inn is located six miles outside of Cimarron, NM and one mile outside of the Philmont Scout Ranch where JP went at 15 for a backpacking trip. (View of Philmont ranch below.)

Several hours we toured the Philmont Scout Ranch and the town of Cimarron. A stop in an old fashioned soda shop for ice cream cones and milkshakes (we were waiting out the current rainstorm) a few conversations with the boy scouts attending camp. I quickly realized why JP fell in love with this part of New Mexico.

The next day took us through the winding mountain roads to Red River. This town was faster paced and full of tourists. A few people we talked too have come here every year for years for their family vacations. However, I prefer the quiet, slowness of the Cimarrons (I think Logan did too - here he was fussy, wouldn't listen, and driving Mom absolutely crazy!) A two hour wait for dinner didn't help either.

JP says it only took him 17 years to return to the place he loved (the Cimarron's.) Hopefully we don't wait that long for another little trip to this area. This time, maybe I won't be 37 weeks pregnant and can hike more. :)