Thursday, March 18, 2010

Goofing Around

You know what I love about kids? They're not afraid to be goofy, to just be themselves. As we get older, most of us start becoming inhibited about being silly. And sometimes we are labeled a disruption, or even a dork.

I remember once during Christmas at my Grandparents house (I was a teenager), my uncle bought us kids a board game and on Christmas day he sat down to play it with us. On one of my turns I drew a card that said I had to beat my fists on my chest and yell like Tarzan; I felt so foolish. As I look back now, I wonder...why? It's not like I was standing in the middle of the high school cafeteria doing this? What was the problem?

Now as a mom, I embrace my inner child! I run around like a maniac, flailing my arms everywhere and shouting funny words. (Hey, it makes my son laugh!) I make funny faces, dance and twirl around the kitchen until I'm dizzy. I don't have time to think about being self-conscious; I just be me, a mom goofing around with her son.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stay at Home Moms

Back when my husband and I were first married and we discussed having children, the topic always came around to how more than likely - because my husband can be lazy - he would be a stay at home dad while I earned the bread to keep the family going.

However, now that I have Logan and another little one on the way, I think often of how nice it would be to stay at home and play (okay I know it's not just playing) with our kids all day long.

I brought this up to someone one time and got back, "You don't really want to stay home do you?" My first thought was that I would like to have the option at least.

Somewhere along the lines it seems that the women wanting to stay at home and tend to the children have become estranged. Like there is something wrong with her if she doesn't want to go out and "climb the corporate ladder" so to speak. Why? There is nothing un-noble about staying at home. In fact I have heard time and time again that a stay at home mom has the equivalent work load of two full time jobs. Yet, she doesn't get paid.

My husband and I were discussing this topic the other day on our way home from town. He said that it all had to do with the feminists. Now, I don't consider myself a feminist, I do believe that women are equal to the same rights as men; but I also believe that if you choose the equality route you need to buck up to your fair share also. I know several feminists and they all seem to want their cake and eat it too.

I was reading an article about a woman who, while in college felt alienated because while her friends all were excited and craving the high end jobs, she was pulled more toward staying at home and tending to her house and children. She wrote how she was lucky to find a man (whom she married) that supported her choice, and once they were financially able, she lived what her heart told her was the right place for her.

There was a quote from the article said by Tasha Tudor, "Whenever I get one of those questionnaires and they ask what is your profession, I always put down 'housewife'. It's an admirable profession; why apologize for it? you aren't stupid because you're a housewife. When you're stirring the jam, you can read Shakespeare."

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunny Days & Outdoor Play

It has been no secret that I am craving Spring. This winter has seemed long and dreary and with 80 inches of snow fall I am looking forward to some green.

We were lucky enough to get two days of warm weather this past week. Today was sixty-five degrees so Logan and I immediately headed outside. We tromped through my garden area, it is looking so bare and neglected right now. Since we are still in the "frost" season it is too early to plant but I longed to feel the soil on my hands. I went in my little garden shed and pulled out a trowel and a small shovel, just so Logan and I could dig around in the dirt.

We had such a great time! I stood back and thought (again) of all the plans I want to do out there - I swear it changes every season!

I love seeing the light shine in Logan's eyes as we dig around and play under the warmth of the sun. I pray for more sunny afternoons where my little boy and I can run around, get dirty, and just have fun!