Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just A Few Pics

My girlfriend usually posts a blog - oh, about once a week or so, that she calls "This week in pics." I love the idea! So I am going to copy her (Hey - copying is the best form of flattery right?)

PLUS, it forces me to use my camera more! :)

Logan dressed himself here.

Picnicing in the Sandia's. Not sure what he is looking for, but he had to be in the trees to find it.

Helping Mom in the garden.

Grandma sent these visors - one horse, one dinosaur, and one elephant. Logan insists we all have to wear our visors while hanging out.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Discount Sales

It's seven in the morning and I have already cursed a half dozen things (swollen feet, swollen ankles, coffee grounds in the pot so I had to make a new one, burnt toast, dishes, etc.) Perhaps it is starting out this way because of another late night...

Last night was the quilt shops garage sale. JP having been out late the night before due to a fire here on the ranch; I told him that if he just wants to stay home and rest, that's okay with me. We can hit the garage sale next year or I can go without him. He, of course, jumped up and said no we're all going.

I remember last year arriving about 45 minutes after the sale had started, so the majority of the people must have cleared out. This year however, we arrived a few minutes before the start time of 6:00. The line to get in the store was working it's way down the strip. JP and Logan decided to go look at tools (there is a tool store right next to the quilt shop) while I got a place in line. I stood there, listening as women were coming up with their game plans. Not having made a plan (I had all intentions of gathering my list of projects I need to work on and making a list of fabric needed, but never got to it) I stood there mindless. Finally deciding that I was going to look for some pretty fabric to make myself a pillowcase for the hospital when I give birth - the nurses and midwives always tell you to bring a pillow without a white pillowcase so the hospital does not mistake it for one of there's and take it.

The doors to the store opened and the women began scrambling in. When I finally got to the door, it was madness! Women were piled on top of each other trying to get to the bolts of fabric they found and liked. I stood there, my big belly (hard to navigate upon wild women at a sale) got knocked around a couple of times with bolts of fabric, another woman was trying to get a bolt from a top shelf and almost had the whole shelf topple upon my head! I desperately looked around, where were JP and Logan? I need reinforcements!!

I spotted my little Logan standing on the steps inside the quilt shop watching wide eyed; Dad behind him. I waved and they made their way through the masses to reach me. JP asked, "What do you need, tell me and I'll get it." I told him my pillowcase plan. He said that we have four pillows at home and only two pillowcases; both ratty, so I need enough fabric to make four. He weaseled his way amongst the flying bolts and women and picked out ones he liked for him and Logan. Now me. I looked and found a green and brown paisley one; there were many other ones I liked as well, but was ready to get my fabric and get the heck out of there.

After picking out fabric, JP and Logan headed out the door and sat on the curb outside while I paid. I joined them, Logan immediately grabbing Mom's hand to sit down next to him and Dad. As we walked to the car JP said that we all needed milkshakes after that. I whole heartily agreed.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh How I Despise...

Men who act "macho."

Ever been out with a group of people (friends, family, etc.) and the guys immediately start puffing up their chests, acting like roosters, and trying to outdo the other in their "machoness?" Really, it's disgusting and quite the turn off.

Last August we went on a short family trip to California to celebrate my Grandmother's 80th Birthday. One night we drove out to JP's cousin's house to stay the night. Her boyfriend was lounging on the couch; until we walked in. Then it was the old time guy's game of trying to prove how he is the top dog among men.

I see it all the time being mainly around men; everyone picking at each other to be the alpha male. Especially during sale time, when other guys come out to help. Some will use swearing (hello...small children learning to talk around) to prove their machoness; or discuss how much they could drink, their past women, or how many fights they've been in. And this isn't just the young roosters; some of the older guys are the worst!

One thing I absolutely love and adore about my husband is how he doesn't feel like he must be the alpha in the pack of wolves. However, when pushed or threatened, he won't sit idly by either. I've seen him come to the aid of others (whether it be on the side of the road or by defending someone being trashed talked.) Yet, he patiently strolls through rows and rows of fabric (the things I've heard husbands say to their wives in the fabric store - they should be ashamed!) or doesn't mind having afternoon tea with me.

JP and I were discussing over dinner the other night what defines a man. Some say it is the fact that he works hard and provides for his family. In so many cases people believe that what a man does for a living defines who he is. When really isn't who he is define what he does?

To me, a man is not what he does or how much finances he can provide. A man is defined by the person he is inside. It is his unselfishness to others, his love for his family and friends. He does not act above and beyond those around him, but treats everyone with respect. A man has integrity, is courageous, and honest. A man is the kindness and gratitude he gives his wife and children.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Anniversary Party

So I wrote about Saturday's afternoon tea we all had; however, our day did not end there! We ran some errands afterwards and then headed out to the Civic Center in Moriarty where we waited to surprise Earl (one of our ranch hands) and his wife Jennifer for their 40th wedding anniversary party; hosted by their daughters and grand children.

Earl and Jennifer arrived around a hour after we got there. Both surprised by the room full of people there to share their many years together. The maid of honor and best man from their wedding 40 years ago presented rings and Earl and Jennifer renewed their vows. We ate dinner, Earl and Jennifer cut a wedding cake, and then the dancing began. Earl and Jennifer glided around the floor to the "bride and groom's first dance" then the rest of the guests were invited up to party down.

Logan watched the colored dance floor lights mesmerized. He watched as guys led girls out to the floor and swung them around. Then he hopped down off his chair, took Mom's hand and led her out to dance. We twirled around for a few minutes before Logan decided that Dad needed to be out there as well! He ran back grabbed Dad and the three of us danced around the room.

It wasn't until after nine before we decided to call it a day; after all we still had a 45 minute drive back home. Logan passed out in the back seat, JP and I blared the air conditioning and rock radio to keep ourselves awake until we got home. A phone call to my sister (it was her birthday) then JP and I crashed into bed.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Afternoon Tea

Every weekend it seems we are running around doing errands for the house or getting JP and Logan needed items. JP finally pushed me enough to make a reservation at the St. James Tearoom in Albuquerque...

We arrived dressed up - well, dressed up to the best of our ability at the moment anyway - and patiently waited to be seated to our "room." Every month they have a different theme; this month's theme was Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland. Thus, the tea cozy placed upon our tea pot (to keep it warm) had a sign on it stating "Drink Me." The three tiers of food (top tier, savories - such as chicken blueberry salad, curiouser and curiouser quiche, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dumpling, etc. Second tier, scones and bread; third tier, sweets - Queen of Hearts Cherry Tarts, Cheshire Cat Chocolate Mint, and Wonderland Tea Party Cake.)

Our room - Highwood. The country estate home of William Wilberforce, a British statesman and philanthropist. His efforts in Parliament helped pass the Slave Trade Act of 1807 and the Slavery Abolition Act to end slave trade in the British Empire in 1833.

You are alloted two hours in which time you receive three pots of tea. (I'm not much of a tea drinker but I was outdoing JP on all of these different teas - excited to try the next one!) The first pot we received was a traditional black tea called "Lady Londonderry". Next pot was a blueberry black tea, and the third pot an orange oolong that was delightful!

Of course, (as a mom always does - well I do anyway) I wondered how my active little two year old boy was going to behave having to sit two hours around fancy tea cups. He was GREAT!!! He thought moving the sugar with the sugar tongs was pretty amusing (there were two sugar bowls, one sugar in the raw with a small spoon in it and one with lumps of brown and white sugar with sugar tongs). He drank his tea with his tea spoon, ate a few savories, went back and forth from one couch to the other (our room had two victorian style couches with a table in between) and talked to Mom and Dad about very important two year old things.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

Every year we say we are going to go up to the crest (top of Sandia Mountains - which is above 10,000 feet) to watch the fireworks. Because it is so high up you are able to see all the fireworks being set off in Albuquerque. We've been asked on several occasions whether we had gone up there yet during the 4th of July. Well, this year we finally did.

We packed the car with sleeping bags, beanies, hooded sweatshirts, warm jackets and headed out at nine o'clock. We stopped at the nearest gas station to grab a few drinks and then wound our way up the winding mountain road. I was getting a little worried because more cars were coming down then going up. I kept wondering if it was just too crowded up there, is there no room? Did we miss the show? - It just got dark!

We reached the top around 9:30, bundled ourselves up and blindly (it's dark remember and we didn't bring flashlights) walked our way up to the look out point. The cold wind whipped at our faces as we tried to make out fireworks from the mass of glowing city lights. Little Logan was none too happy. He didn't fuss or anything but you can just see he was miserable.

The way everyone talked about it, I had this great firework show in my head. Thousands of fireworks lighting the dark sky as we oooh and ahhh. Balloon Fiesta park always has a huge show every year, but even from that height (and all the other people) it was difficult to see. All in all it was pretty disappointing. We went back to the car and drove our way back down (we had been up there a total of 20 minutes.)

We discussed how next year, maybe we'll break down and head to Balloon Fiesta park; maybe get some sparklers for the kids to play with at home.

Either way, it was nice to have a little family outing.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Clothespin Apron

Remember hearing about the days when Grandma or Mom would sit down with their grand-daughters/daughters and teach them how to sew? Well, that was not me. I'm learning as I go...

Okay, so I have been trying to branch out from quilting. Not that I don't like making quilts, I do! I just thought it was time to try my hands at other things. So I sat down and finally made something for me {gasp!!}

I found this clothespin apron tutorial on another blog and had to make it! Right now I use my Williams Sonoma cooking apron to keep my clothespins and wear while I'm hanging clothes out on the line. This one is pretty cool because the flower print is all one huge pocket. Pretty neat huh?

AND it was kind of a family project (okay maybe not, but I'm saying it is) because JP and Logan helped pick out the fabric! {faint.}