Friday, September 5, 2014

Green and Yellow Scrap Quilt

Did I ever show this to you?  It sat on my design wall in New Mexico for ages it seemed like.  I finally finished it up here in Washington.

I found the pattern in Sunday Morning Quilts and thought it would be a great scrap buster for my greens.  Funny, I don't remember purchasing so much green fabric, but out of all the colors I have in my scrap bins, green is always overflowing.

After I got everything basted together, I found this.

Ugh!  I couldn't believe it!  Luckily I had some Wonder-Web fusible web tape. 

I put the weakened seam back together with the tape and made sure I quilted that area real good. 

With so much scrap busting on the front, I decided to go simple on the back.  I did not piece the back of the quilt like a normally do, but instead used a dark green flannel that my mother-in-law had sitting in a closet. 

The yellow block was built around a scrap of fabric left over from Logan's quilt.

 So, after all these green scraps, how does my scrap bin look?  It's about half full now.  Time to find another scrap busting project.