Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bah Humbug

Every year it's the same story.  I get all jazzed for the holidays.  I LOVE this time of year!!  I plan when we are going to get the tree - making sure I bring my camera for the photo.  I make plans for Christmas eve dinner at a family friends house, when we drive through Madrid to see the town decked all in lights, Christmas carols are constantly playing as well as holiday movies.  While I am joyous and bubbly, JP is moody and well...the grinch. 

You see I always felt a magic in the air this time of year.  I looked forward to curling up next to a crackling fire, the aroma of mulled cider, hot cocoa, and baked goodies wafting in from the kitchen.  An evergreen standing tall, lights twinkling with all my childhood ornaments lovingly hanging from its branches.  Outside large snowflakes drift down, blanketing the world white - perfect for bringing that special snowman to life.

This year however, I find myself lacking the spirit.  Here it is 4 days until Christmas day and I haven't done a single thing.  There is no tree (one of my most favorite traditions) standing proudly in my living room - we never got one or haven't gotten one yet.  I never sent out holiday cards wishing everyone a merry Christmas.  Even when people have been wishing me one, and I back - my heart isn't in it.  We threw our family photo time out the window. 

We did do a bit of Christmas shopping for Logan and Aslyn - Logan is getting old enough now to understand.  This left me feeling even less spirited and disgusted.  Disgusted by the herds of people pushing and crowding to get this or that.  Children screaming and throwing tantrums because their mom and/or dad said they couldn't have something (this is another thing I am soooo very proud of Logan about.  He took a toy horse off a shelf and showed it to JP and me.  He carried it around and looked at it.  When we told him to go put the horse back, he did just that, then walked off on his merry little way.)  All I wanted to do was go home.

I have done everything I can think of (besides get the tree) to bring myself out of this blahness.  I've baked, listened to Christmas music, watched my favorite holiday movies, we looked at the lights in Madrid - nothing has worked.  Then I start feeling worse looking at Logan and how having two scrooge parents isn't fair to him.

All of this reminds me of an article I saw the other day titled, "Christmas - It's the Most Stressful Time of Year."  Below this it read, "Remember when it used to be the most wonderful time of year?"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Recital

Today marked the last day of school for Logan until January 3. To celebrate, Cibola House Preschool put on a little holiday recital for the parents. The kids all lined up in the East room while the parents gathered in the West. Soon the kids came in ringing bells, searching for their Moms and Dads with big grins on their faces.

You may have noticed a hole where a kid should be as well as a missing little boy.  There are actually two kids missing - both the youngest in the group.  As the class piled in the two younger ones decided that they would prefer watching rather than participating (I think it was all just a little bit too much for them.)  So, Logan sat on my lap smiling and cheering on his classmates.

  Of course that soon ended when the singing was over and it was snack time...

As the kids gathered around the table, the parents stood nearby socializing.  (Beware - bragging about to take place.)  I had parent after parent approach me and tell me how much they have heard about Logan.  Apparently it is always, Logan this and Logan that.  One couple approached me and told me how their daughter -Thora- came home and said she "liked a boy at school named Logan, he's two and rides horses."  Her parents and older brothers told her she was making Logan up, there is no two year old who rides horses.  After the teachers of the school heard this, they were adament on having Thora's parents meet Logan and his parents.

I also heard over and over how much Logan is a joy to have around and how much everybody adores him.  I'm so proud of my little guy!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Operation Tiger Rescue

Logan likes to haul things around.  Yesterday it was a tree branch, a plastic container where some of his toys are suppose to be stored (he was carrying it around empty), and his toy tiger - I have no idea where this tiger came from; but Logan likes to carry him around and hang things off of his tail - such as Aslyn's pacifiers.

So Logan was hauling these items around, when I put him in the car and drove him to school he was still hanging on to them.  When we got to the preschool, I told him he does not need to bring them in, that they can stay in the car and they will be here when he gets picked up.  Of course this threw him into a fit.  He ran off crying, tried to get in the car on the other side and so forth.  I told him we could compromise and he can bring in one item - the tiger.  Well, that was not good enough for him; he wanted them all so he threw the tiger.  Fine, I said now you can't bring anything.  I carried Aslyn in one arm and dragged Logan - who in his fuss became a limp noodle - into the school. 

I figured that I would pick the tiger up on my way back out.  However, in my haste to get back home (as posted in my earlier blog, yesterday was our NHTC audit) I forgot all about Logan's tiger until I was halfway home.  JP asked me how dropping Logan off was and I informed him about the tiger laying out in the middle of the parking lot.  He called the school while I ran off to work.

When I went to pick Logan up, I was told that "Operation Tiger Rescue" was a success.  Sir Eric (one of the other little boys there - he dressed up as a knight for Halloween and his winter hat looks like a knights helmet) and Miss Debbie (one of the teachers) searched the parking lot and rescued Logan's tiger bringing him back to safety and into the hands of his relieved, delighted owner.  Sir Eric then informed everyone, "To call on him again!  He not only rescues tigers, but also people and puppies!"

I was giggling as I listened to Miss Allison (the other teacher) relay the story to me; picturing every moment.

On another note: All the kids were out on the "big" playground when Logan shouted "Ella!"  Well, Ella (a little girl in the class) heard Logan shout out her name and went running to see what he wanted.  Everybody was so excited at this event that now, according to Miss Allison, the whole world knows when Logan called Ella.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time For a Time Out

We all have had them.  Everything is going somewhat smoothly, your daily routine has fallen into place, work is at a steady pace so your "to do" pile is getting completed daily.  Then it happens.  A whirlwind of things come blowing your way.

First it was work.  I received an e-mail - the livestock insurance had to be updated that day because the original company is no longer handling this type of insurance and it will lapse tomorrow.  Two other e-mails came in from Breedplan in Australia marked "urgent."  1. Our recip cow information needed to be updated - 2008 animals were fine but 2009-2010 needed attention.  2. They are coming out with a new breedplan report so update all cattle information ASAP!  Phone call: it is time for our NHTC audit, scheduled for Thursday (hence make sure a whole year's worth of ration records, movement records, drug inventories, cattle shipping records, and compliant/non-compliant information is updated and available for our auditor.)  JP comes in and says he needs this information typed up in numerological order with cane code numbers and grouped by Wednesday.  In waltzes the manager, "you need to send this e-mail and make this phone call and when you are done with that I have another couple of projects for you.

Of course this is all happening when I lose a day of work.  Wednesday - doctor's appointment so I will be out of the office.

The American Wagyu Association is converting registrations over to a new system, another e-mail - make sure all registrations are in by December 15, as the new system will cause a few weeks delay for proper training.

Second, home:  JP: why haven't you sewed up my pants yet?  When are you going to start working out?  You need to wash all the bedding down to the mattress - including sleeping bags and pillows (he was/has been sick).   The carpet needs to be cleaned.  Phone call: Shelly, this is so and so from ABQ Health Partners revenue department- did you know that you have an outstanding balance of $972.00?  When can we expect this paid?  Me to ABQ revenue:  No I did not know, please put me on a payment plan and why have I never received a bill from you guys?  I tell this to JP, he says:  You should call the insurance company and see what is going on (we are now paying on three separate hospital bills - Sheridan Children's Hospital, Lovelace Women's Hospital, and now ABQ Health Partners.)  Another phone call: so have you started training yet (for my next marathon?)  Me: No, I haven't done anything.

I do a short meditation.  I think I need a time out, some quality R & R.  A day or even a few hours of absolute nothingness.  Just me and maybe a good book -  (which is another thing JP has gotten on to me about - Him: What you don't like reading anymore? 
Me:  Of course I like reading!  I just haven't had a chance to sit down and absorb myself in a good book lately,) - put on some Miles Davis, maybe Tchaikovsky, light a few candles, grab a cozy blanket and curl up on the chair.  Of course in order to do this, I'll have to kick JP and the kiddos out... 

Something I don't see happening in the near future.  But doesn't it sound like absolute bliss?