Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Logan took this picture of Aslyn himself!
He loves his sister!
Aslyn was not too happy with Dad putting her in his boot.
What a face!

Logan on his excavator. He always wears his helmet backwards...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Arrival of Aslyn

I am quite late in posting this but still trying to get acquainted with being a mom of two! (Eek)

At 9:26 am on August 21, Aslyn Grace was born. The events leading up to her birth were quite amusing and just showed that no matter how much you try, you are never fully prepared.

I started getting labor pains around one in the morning; with my in-laws in town I tried pacing around the house quietly - it was more comfortable to walk around then to lie in bed - I stubbed my toe on a chair and tried not to swear too loud, got on the computer to look up the hospital information, and then thought to myself - maybe I should start timing these contractions.

My mother-in-law awoke at three and asked me what I was doing. Now Logan's whole labor took less than six hours, since the second child usually comes faster, my midwife had told me that as soon as labor starts get to the hospital (I live an hour away) - you can already tell how well I listen!

After my mother-in-law took over timing contractions and after much discussion between her and I (as well as giggling - why do early mornings make one giggle so much?) I decided to call the hospital to see whether I should come in. The first phone call, I was transferred. After being on hold for ten minutes I hung up and tried a different number. This second phone call, I was told to call another number. So, I hung up again. The third phone call; they'll call me back. Finally, I got a hold of the midwife on duty and told her what was going on - contractions 3-4 minutes apart, I live out in the boonies, etc. - should I start heading in? Her response was so hazy - (in a dreamy type voice): "Oh, well, you can come in if you want too. Or you can have some breakfast then come in. Whatever you feel like doing." Um...is that a yes?

I figured at 4:30 in the morning, I should probably wake JP up. "Hey JP, you feel like taking a drive to the hospital?" His response: "Are you in labor?" No, I just feel like doing a practice run.

JP flew out of bed - "Dad, get dressed! We're going to the farm!" The house was turned upside down as James and JP ran around getting ready and tore out of here in the pick-up. I looked at my mother-in-law - what just happened?

As the guys were at the farm, us girls decided to pack up the car with overnight bags; we awoke Logan and got him ready, then drove out to the front gate and waited for the guys to come back. I walked laps around the car yelling at my mother-in-law when to start and stop timing.

Headlights appeared from the north and the pick-up sped it's way into the drive where we were waiting. JP jumped out of the truck and yelled at his mom to get out of the way, she handed him my cell phone (what we were timing contractions on) and got out of the car. JP took my cell phone and threw it in the pick up where his Dad, Mom, and where I was moving Logan too. Then it was off to the hospital - now 5:45 am.

All the way to the hospital, JP was worried about the farm and work (the manager was away on vacation until that afternoon.) "If only you could have waited another couple of hours." he kept telling me. Oh, geez.

We arrived at the hospital around 6:45 am. We signed in and got situated in our room. JP immediatly began phoning all the ranch workers. While he was doing that, the nurse came in to check me. It turned out we had a little more time. So, she brought me a "clear" breakfast - jello, popsicles, and so forth and we turned on the Saturday morning cartoons. Without TV at home, this was a treat for us. However, it soon became annoying as I was going through stronger contractions, and JP, my "coach" was too busy watching the cartoons. He would stand by my bed during a contraction, eyes glued to the television set, until finally I clicked the power button.

Of course, by now I was so irritated and tired that nothing JP did was good. He tried to talk to me, I told him to be quiet. He tried to help me to the bathroom, I told him to leave me alone. When he tried to rub my back during a contraction, I told him not to touch me. He started laughing, and I yelled at him for that too.

I asked JP to get someone to come in. The nurse on duty had walked in and set the midwife was going to be there soon to see how far along I was. That was 25 minutes earlier. The pain was so bad I begged JP to find someone. His response: "They have other people to work with, it's not all about you." WHAT!

After pushing the nurses button and telling them that someone needed to get in my room NOW; was when the midwife showed up. And guess what, Aslyn was ready to be welcomed into this world. The midwife went on and on about how fast everything was for me, I know, I told them all that; it's in my charts. She even said that she should have read my chart more closely. Good thing I was in too much pain right then to give her a piece of my mind - and fist (just kidding! - about the fist.)

Aslyn arrived at 9:26 am with no complications. After being checked out she was given back to Mom (me) where I introduced myself and her father to her. My sweet baby girl.