Monday, December 31, 2012

Yarn Bombed

Have you ever heard/seen this?  I hadn't until we were at the River of Lights in the Albuquerque Bio Park. 

All the trees, light posts, rocks, etc. in this area were wearing colorful knitted sweaters.  Apparently guerrilla knitting (a.k.a. yarn bombing) is quite a popular form of street art, dating back as early as 2004. 

I was telling my sister about this yesterday, and she said she saw a bus that was yarn bombed.  What have you seen in yarn graffiti?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday with their loved ones.

Do you believe this tree?  It's not ours, it is my son's preschool teacher's tree in their home (his teachers are a mother/daughter team.)  My picture does not do it justice; and no matter what I did or how I positioned myself, I couldn't fit the whole tree in.  Their ornament collection in itself is just amazing.  Many purchased while they were living in Germany, many made from preschool students or while they were growing up, many of homemade ones from past family.

Speaking of teachers - here is how their lunch bags turned out. 

I am rather pleased with them.  Any more sewing for you?  Or are you all resting up, getting ready for a new year?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Last Minute Holiday Making

On Saturday, I had the crazy notion that I needed to battle the mall in order to get my 2 year old daughter, Aslyn, something for Christmas. I had yet to get or make her anything and time was running low. 

Upon this "quest" I realized that the mall has absolutely nothing for a 2 year old girl.  With my 4 year old son in tow, we frantically searched three stores only to come out with a pair of pajamas my son picked out for her from him (it has trains on it,) and a few beaded necklaces.

I think I have mentioned before that every time I have my kids with me at my local quilt shops, they pick out a fabric for their own little stash.  So yesterday, I decided to whip a couple of things up for Aslyn with some of her stash fabric.

First was a little purse; she loves getting into mine.  I found this tutorial here.  The outer fabric is Urban Zoologie, handle and lining is A Stitch in Color Little Dot Clementine.
Second, a doll quilt.  Currently, she takes her little stuffed animals and tries to wrap them in twin to queen size blankets.  I received the hexagons from my swap partner in the Post-Summit Swap.  

This quilt will more than likely get lots of use, lots of dragging around the house and outside, lots of washing; therefore I quilted it rather densely with straight lines.  I had quilted around the outer edge of each hexagon and skipped over those with my straight lines, so the hexagons kind of pop out a bit.
I had some trouble with the fabric feeding through my machine.  For some reason my feed dogs weren't catching it.  So, it's not the best quality work.  But I don't think Aslyn or her "bebes" will mind.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

16th WIP of 2012

Hey all!  It's dark and gray with a snow storm swirling in right now.  How's that holiday sewing coming along?

I decided to make Logan's teachers some lunch bags for this Christmas.  The fabric is La Femme by Melissa Crowley that I won from the Zakka Sew Along.  It's so pretty!  A few pieces of my stash make these bags up as well.  Most of you will recognize the layout as Ayumill's tutorial. 

Remember that community project for Logan's school I spoke about.  I am making a quilt with the kids; each kid is making a block of their hand and I will sew them all together and quilt it.

Here are the one's who have finished their blocks.  Aren't they coming along nicely?  Some of the kids are really getting into sewing, so I have had several parents approach me with questions on what materials to buy and encouraging their child in this interest.

Notice Logan's block isn't in there. 

Now for that triangle quilt that I started way back when.  This is where I am at now.  I don't know.  This is for a little special someone, but admittedly I am losing momentum on it.  I am trying so hard to power through.

Check out other work-in-progress projects over at Freshly Pieced.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ornament Exchange

In my post last Wednesday, I wrote about my green and brown scraps and how they were to come together into a possible tree with little colored round fabric pieces for lights.

Yeah, umm, well it wasn't coming out the way I had planned and I was running low on time.  So here is what I actually exchanged...

This picture was taken hanging on the door underneath my porch light, it didn't come out so well.  Also, I was (literally) running to the car to get to the Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild holiday party and meeting on time.  Aackk.   Talk about last minute right?!!

The ornament - I took a 4 inch wooden embroidery hoop and tied a bunch of red and green scrap pieces to it to make a wreath. 

As for the tree?  My 4 year old likes it so I may finish it and just let him have it to play with.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sewing Again!

Tomorrow is the Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild holiday potluck and ornament exchange.  I took out my bin of green and brown scraps and started stitching them together.  Not sure what this will become - maybe a tree?  With small colored scraps for lights?

Whatever these scraps decide to become, it's great to be sewing again!