Friday, August 29, 2008

Growing Up Too Fast

Why is it that so many kids these days are trying to grow up too fast? Why don't these kids want to enjoy what little childhood they have?

As someone who still thinks that I am too young for the majority of the things in the world; I ask myself why everytime I see a child rushing into adulthood. I just want to take that kid aside and tell him adulthood sucks! Literally. To a lot of people the responsibilities, displeasures, and stress suck the life right out of them.

There was this little boy I saw at a store several months back. I would estimate his age at around 9 or 10. He was with his Dad. He was dressed precisely the way his Dad was; even held himself the same way in his posture and attitude.There wasn't a wrinkle in his clothes, his hair was combed the same way, he even had on the same belt with a cell phone clipped to it. The whole appearance threw me off; I had to take a second look.

I suddenly felt myself saddened. Sure as a kid, I remember trying to be like my Mom and Dad. One time I put on the same blue shirt that looked like my Dad's and helped him work on the car. However, I was not about to jump into a flightsuit or even get up in front of a class and teach the students subjects alloted by the school system.

There is a difference in trying to be like Mom and Dad and being Mom and Dad.

So why do these kids want to rush what little life they have on this Earth? Does society put it upon them to hurry? Do we as parents?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Skipping Steps

Logan is a happy infant. He smiles, laughs, squeals, gives raspberries. The only time he really cries is when he is tired.

Despite this, I can tell he is going to be a handful.

He would get frustrated and scream because he couldn't crawl. Now he crawls and he gets frustrated and screams because he's not walking. He gets up on his feet when he crawls and stands up when he has something to hang onto.

So what's going to happen when he begins walking? Jessie and I were joking around saying he'll probably get frustrated and scream because he can't fly.

And when he discovers that flying is not an option for him; he'll come and ask Mom and Dad why. We'll explain that only birds can fly, that their genetic makeup allows them to soar the skies. God made humans to tend to things down here on the ground.

Of course, kids are always one step ahead of the parent. So after we explain about the birds, he'll throw in that "Superman can fly!"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thoughts at the Toy Store

JP, Logan, my sister-in-law Jessie, and I all went cruising the mall last weekend. Ok, so we weren't cruising, we actually went there for a purpose but stopped in some other stores along the way. One store we hit was KB Toys.

There were several things I noticed while in here. The first, a lot of toys from when I was a kid have made a come back. However, in order to make these toys "cooler" the toy industry have rigged them to do new things such as talk, flash, have brighter colors, etc. This I believe, has not made that particular toy cooler, but rather lame. Who ever heard of Batman wearing orange? Batman is a creature of the night, he needs to blend in with the darkness!

Second, the children's voices on some of these toys, I find, are rather creepy. Especially the ones that laugh. It sends shivers down my spine. Whenever I hear them I place myself at some enormous, dark, abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Where any second, some psychopath murderer is going to jump out and slaughter me.

What I want to know is, where are these children that laugh like that? Do these high tech computer gurus really think that these children's voices sound genuine?

Third, while browsing there were toys of cell phones, keys, laptops and other items that Mom and Dad would carry around. Why? I have to carry these things and I hate it. I know our children like to mimick us, therefore they have the same items we do...but geez. I would rather carry around a Transformer than all the mentioned above.

Jessie and I went into the section where they carry infant toys to take a peek. Let me just say that there is not much in the way of toys for children under 12 months. For the age Logan is now, 7 months, I counted a total of three. Of course they were all ones to work on crawling and motor skills which is good. Then I thought of Logan and his handful of toys now. He picks them up, watches as he moves it from one hand to the other, and then...into the mouth. So I thought, would he actually stack those colored rings onto the ring stand? Maybe later, now he's more interested in tasting and dropping everything.

We walked out of KB Toys empty handed. There was no need for us to buy anything now. Sometimes it is interesting enough just to see what is out there these days.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Ever Changing Dream

In high school and college some dream of the fast pace life with the corner office. Some dream of making it big in Hollywood; others of traveling the world. Athletes of making the NFL, NBA, or MLB.

It's amazing how our hopes and dreams change. What you once thought would be a perfect life; changes to something else. JP was telling me about a comic strip he saw in a cattle magazine the other day. It was a man in his car, living the fast life, stuck in traffic. A balloon appeared over his head as he dreamt of a simplier life, ranching. The next block showed a rancher throwing hay; the balloon over his head showed him sitting in a beach chair drinking a margarita.

This comic strip illustrated exactly the changes in dreams that JP and I have been having. We gave ourselves 3-5 years to work here; next we are planning on trying to get a managerial postition; we talked of having our own cattle and starting our own ranch.

However, for the past several months, our dream talks have turned into wanting an even simplier life. A shack on the beach in the Caribbean; where the only thing we have to worry about when we wake up is whether or not we are going to wear flip flops.

Whether we fulfill this dream or not is another story. Sometimes it's the dream that just keeps us going through the day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Rural Life

I was never a "city" girl. Not even a little. The big, bad city always intimidated me. Though I have lived in a city, I prefer to live rural. As with anything (I know I've mentioned this before) there are pros and cons to this life.

Some pros:

You can not open your window and shout at your neighbor.

You can not hear your neighbors teenager coming home at 3 am, blaring the radio, and talking loudly on his cell phone.

Raising children out here. They have room to play; and it's not in a street. Also, they don't have as much influence as the city kids do.

Some cons:

You need to plan accordingly, there is no such thing as "a run to the store" to pick up that gallon of milk.

You give someone your address and they don't believe it is a real one, not even the post office. This makes for a headache when it comes to receiving mail.

The nearest school is about half an hour away. But, it is in a different county. Therefore, if we were to stay here long enough for Logan to attend school, unless they have room and we have permission, Logan would have to attend the school in Moriarity. About a 45 minute to 1 hour drive.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I love the sunrise. There is something comforting in knowing you are up earlier then most. I walk outside in the cool crisp air, take a deep breath, and let my mind float away while I watch and listen. A new day has come!

This is my time. No one is here to talk or need anything. It's just me and the world.

I listen as the sun begins to awake those around me. The cattle rise, low moos echoing across the mountains. The birds start rustling their feathers; small chirps can be heard as they prepare to fly out and gather breakfast for their babies. A cottontail hops from underneath the stack of wood outside my yard. I can hear small neighs and hooves hitting the hard ground as the mares and their colts mosey in from the pasture to get their morning grain.

The morning dew starts to glisten as the sun rises even higher. I hear JP get in the shower. A small cry hits my ear; Logan is awake. Our busy day is about to begin. My time is over.

I love the sunrise.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Battle between the Wants and Needs

I woke yesterday morning and looked out the window. It was still dark, but I just couldn't sleep anymore. So I threw on a sweatshirt and walked into the computer room. JP and Logan were both still fast asleep.

The sky was cloudy, we had thunder and lightening warnings as well as flash flood warnings. It was a mere 50 degrees outside, I was still cold, even while layered. I also found myself in a crabby mood.

So as I sat there, listening to my Hagwood Hardy CD, and staring at the computer screen with every intention to write my daily blog posting; I realized that what I needed to do was battling what I wanted to do. Like the angel and devil sitting on your shoulders; both whispering in your ear trying to challenge the other in who was going to win this round.

What I needed to do was wash the dishes, work on the many quilts I have to have done by Christmas (5 for one lady and now all her friends want some too), balance the checkbook, gather phone numbers from the insurance company so I can call them first thing Monday morning, get ready to go, get Logan ready to go...the list continues.

However, what I wanted to do was crawl up under a big, warm quilt, get lost in a good book, and hide from the world.

Yesterday morning the wants won over the needs; for a while at least.

Friday, August 15, 2008

You Know You're a Mom and Dad When....

I have compiled a list of 10 reasons you know you are a parent. Enjoy!!

10. When calling the dog, you call your child's name, and vice versa.

9. Your eyes are permanently bloodshot from the lack of sleep.

8. Your bedtime is the time you used to go out.

7. A mirror is no longer something to "primp" in, it's now something to entertain a fussy baby with.

6. Your friends who's kids are older than yours, patronize you with "Just you wait..." (You know who you are!)

5. When you're holding your baby, you no longer notice the drool he has been compiling on your arm.

4. A 15 minute feeding of pureed squash takes 45 minutes to clean off of your baby's face, hands, ears, nose...

3. You have become fluent in the fine art of baby babble.

2. Going to work no longer involves you and a cup of coffee. Now it's you, baby, toys, diapers, wipes, towels, a change of clothes for baby, a blanket, snacks...

1. Everything disappears when your baby looks at you and gives a big gummy smile!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another School Year

You can always tell when another school year is fast approaching.

For starters, 2 weeks beforehand all the shops offer tax free shopping on clothes and school supplies. Some how I forget this and choose this particular weekend to go to the mall; only realizing this while I am already out amongst the sea of hustling parents and their children. It's not all that bad, I usually end up benefiting myself; seeing as I only go to the mall when I am in pursuit of something.

I loved the first day of school. The smell of the freshly sharpened pencils and box of crayons would waft it's way to me as I opened all my new supplies; carefully organizing them in my binder and pencil pouch. The nervousness and excitement of a new year, with new kids and teacher would keep me up most of the night in anticipation.

The next morning I would dress in an outfit carefully chosen the night before, and head out into the crisp September air to the bus stop. I would look anxiously up the road for the bright yellow school bus to take us all away, wondering what the day would entail.

Because I still remember those anticipated school nights and days, I tend to observe the faces of the children on tax free day; some nervous, some excited, and some even bored.

Some day I will experience all this with Logan. Depending on where we are at the time, I'll either walk him to the bus stop or drive him to school; feeling a bit saddened that he is growing up so fast. But until then, I will savor every moment I have now.

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Messy House

I have to admit, my house is a disaster. Between my husband, me, Biscuit, Felicity (the cat) and soon Logan, and the fact that we do live on a ranch (dirt, dust, manure, etc.) well, it's just a mess!!

The only day I have available to do housework is Sunday. Because I am getting disgusted with my house (which I also have to admit, doesn't take much), I told my husband that he will need to babysit, hang out, whatever with Logan so that I can get scrubbing.

His response: I will do it for 25 bucks an hour.

My response: What!? You are his father, I'm not paying you to watch your own son!!!

Needless to say, my house is still a mess!

And so I am reminded of a wall hanging at my in-law's house, "This house is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy."

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh, These Sleepless Nights.

One of the questions I receive the most from Moms and Dads,"Is he sleeping through the night yet?" I often find myself staring back at them, imagining the dazed and vacant look creeping its way across my eyes.

Sleep? What's that?

"If you feed him solid foods, he'll sleep through the night." The very statement Logan's pediatrician placed upon me at month 4.

At month 6, he wakes up more now than he did at birth. Well, maybe not...but it sure does feel like it.

Yes, I am one of those unlucky mothers with a child who refuses to cooperate and blatently ignores my hypnotizing tatics sent via osmosis, "Sleeeep. You want to sleeeep through the night. Catch some zzzzz's. Mommy needs sleeeeep."

A pet peeve I have; parents who ask the question mentioned above and then proceeds to retaliate with, "My child has always slept the night through; since the day he/she was born."

I can't help but think, "Liar, liar, pants on fire," or "Wow their lack of sleep has made them sooo delusional!"

Now, as I embark on making yet another pot of coffee (my life source), I wish you all a restful Sunday!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finding the Simple Pleasures

I was watching Logan during play time this morning. Really watching him. I realized how much children get out of the simple pleasures in life.

It could be something as simple as seeing mom and dad, playing with the dog and cat, or watching the horses and cattle.

Logan's laughter echos through the ranch whenever Biscuit comes to play with him, talk to him, or even give him kisses.

For a little older children, pleasure comes from catching that bug they had been chasing for the last 5 minutes, stomping in a mud puddle, or jumping on the bed.

Teenagers and adults may find simple pleasures in lunch with their friends, a walk in their favorite place, shopping, or a good book.

So why do we lose the ability to find the simple pleasures in life? We have the same abilities as children do. Yes, life throws us challenges and turmoils; we start spending days worrying more about work and finances instead of taking a step back to appreciate these challenges and what life has to offer.

A few of my simple pleasures include writing, playing with Logan, reading, and hiking the many acres I have here to find a new discovery (i.e. the meadow 2 springs ago full of wildflowers!)

My challenge for you readers today, find a simple pleasure and enjoy it!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Heat + Air-conditioner = No comfort

Ok. As you all know, I live in the desert, because Logan is still sitting in a rear-facing car seat, he doesn't get any of the air from the air-conditioner. Therefore, I roll down the windows (you're suppose to roll down the windows while driving in town anyway.) However, again he doesn't get hit.

So whenever we reach our destination, I pull an uncomfortable, sweaty kid out of the back seat. He is usually drenched!

My thought: I'll just pick up a fan that attaches to the back seat of the car, allowing Logan to get some air.

I went to 3 different places and not one of them had anything (not even a fan, just those window shades.)

The response at one store, "we don't carry anything like that, but it would make a great invention!"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Ranching Mom-I have it made!

I have to admit that I really have it made! I live 30+ miles from the nearest city on a large (28,000 acres) cattle ranch. Because I live so far away, there are no child care facilities nearby, therefore, Logan, my son, comes to work with me everyday.

It is difficult, sometimes, when I have a lot to get done, deadlines to meet, and he just wants to play. He currently does a fake cough to catch my attention if I am absorbed in whatever it is I am doing. But in the end, I save on child care costs, have the opportunity to watch him grow and develop each day, and have an excuse to take time out of a busy day to play!!

I was curious to see how Logan would do while needing to get some work done out in the working facilites. Before Logan was born, I worked outside a lot more, feeding, rounding up cattle on horseback when this needed to be done, doctoring, and so forth. Then when all these things were done, I would head over to the office and take care of the paperwork. Now, I am more of a "keyboard cowgirl" as my husband likes to say. But, we do ultrasounding here on the cattle, and I am the certified ultrasound tech.

Logan did extremeley well!! He just sat in his jogging stroller checking everything out (remember that milestone...Curious about everything.) Our dog, Biscuit, a blue heeler and Logan's "nanny" as we like to refer him as; would entertain Logan between cattle. When Biscuit was having a hard time getting the job done (which is rare), we would just push Logan around for a while, making sound effects of course, then he would be fine again. He would even nap in his stroller until I was/am done.

We are going to head out today to do some ultrasounding. I know Logan will be just fine, watching the bulls mosey on into the chute, Biscuit trying to cover both his positions as cattle dog and "nanny." Just another day out here on the ranch!

Monday, August 4, 2008

"What's in Your Mouth!?"

He walked up to his mom, his face screwed up in a disgusted scowl, "Yucky," he told her.

"What's in your mouth?" she asked him as she held out her hand.

The toddler spit; a handful of chewed up snail shell, guts, and numerous other snail body parts, slimed its way into his mom's hand.

This is a true story told to me yesterday by my dearest friend, a mother of a soon to be 2 year old boy. And something that she will probably be saying a lot more as the days of toddlerhood go on.

We all know that taste is an important part of the 5 senses. Especially for little ones who are just beginning to discover the world. At 6 month's my son has to taste everything. And though there are some things I would rather not have him put in his mouth, (like the clump of dog or cat hair he retrieved from "petting" the two of them), I figure, when he's up and crawling/walking he will have a lot more and worse things (like snails...though I have yet to see one here in the will proabably be a snake skin, beetle, or some other kind of bug I have yet to identify) that will be in his tight little grasp and heading for those lips and tongue.

It's all just part of being a kid.

So for all those moms out there who fret about the germs that their child will inquire, don't. No matter what you do, they will get the sniffles, or put that (fill in the blank) into his/her mouth. It's just one of those inevitable things of raising a kid.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Before I had my son, I was a snap at remembering things. Anytime anybody needed a piece of information, I could remember it for them.


If I don't write it down, I won't have any recollection of it.

A fellow mom just said this to me the other day, "My baby makes me look like a ditz, I considered myself a ditz before, but now, I can't seem to determine up from down."

I had to laugh because I know exactly what she is talking about.

For example, my husband asked me the other day if I would make him a cup of tea, I said I would, but 4 hours later it still wasn't made. He says it's because I don't listen, but I blame mom-timers!

There are just too many other distractions for us moms...feed the family, clean the house, drive the kids to soccer practice, work....this list goes on and on.

How can we possibly remember it all?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Motherhhood-A circus act!

As a newbie to the wide world of bloggers; I find myself stumped. Where should I begin? Should I introduce myself? Tell everybody about me first (that's what profiles are for right?) Or should I just jump into this blog like I've been doing it for months or even years?

I am not meaning this blog to be a drawn out every day encounter of what I am doing..."Today I went to the grocery store, and couldn't believe how much a pack of diapers cost!!" (How interesting could that be?) But as a way to connect with others who know (or are about to know) what a circus act motherhood can be.

For example, how do you maintain your sanity as well as who you are as an individual and yet still be a mom, and/or a wife, an employee, friend, etc...?

So...I suppose to let you all know what kind of circus I run at my house, I should give you some insight on my 3 ring act.

As my profile says, I am a wife, a mother of an adorable 6 month old boy (I am his mother so I am biased...who doesn't think there kid is the cutest!) I also live a not so "normal" life as being an employee (and living) on a rather large cattle ranch in the beautiful state of New Mexico. No 9-5 job for me! Besides all this, I also hold the title of daughter, daughter-in-law, friend, and oh so many more.

But we'll have plenty of time to get into all this (can't give everything away the first blog!)

As the days of motherhood roll on, I will keep posts on milestones, work, relationships, and well, whatever else comes to my mind or yours.

Until then....

Happy Blogging!!