Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Days

The days and nights are getting colder. Especially the nights. I have been in fleece pajamas, a hoodie, wool socks; bundled inside my down sleeping bag and barely getting my body comfortable with that. Of course the fact that JP likes to sleep with the windows open do not help.

It has now been two days since I've slept. One reason is because of the colder weather. But it is not necessarily the cold keeping me up - it's a darn mouse! Either I have become a lighter sleeper or this is just one noisy little critter. I hear him (or her - I don't know) scraping through Biscuits dog bowl and gnawing on his food. Okay, I thought after tossing and turning for a couple hours listening to this; I'll solve that problem. Dog bowl outside. Wrong! Now he is in the stove.

Yesterday I opened up the stove and removed any dog food he had hidden in there. I also found dog food in my fabric supply and in a hood of one of Aslyn's outfits; who knows where else that bugger is hiding it.

After another sleepless night listening to my dear friend, I awoke - coffee calling my name to wake me up - and all over my stove was mouse droppings! I swear this mouse is aggravating me on purpose. Now it is war!!

Reason number two for my lack of sleep (although this one is worth it.)  Don't let that innocent face fool you!  She is little miss party from 3:00 am - 4:30 am!  Isn't she adorable though?

JP's solution to my insomnia.  Go to bed earlier.  Both nights I was in bed by 9:30,  so I asked him, how much earlier?  He said as soon as I get home...6:00?!  That's a little too early if you ask me!

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