Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sewing Summit 2012


Hey there!  For those of you attending sewing summit this year, you know that Tuesday was quite the hectic day with class registrations.

After scouring the class schedule, info sheets, and much careful planning, I got two classes that were my first choice.  From reading about last year's events, I know that the classes are just a small portion of this conference.  Many of the instructors have been posting that they are willing to do "after hour" classes to those of us who didn't get in their classes anyway!  Aren't they just fantastic!!

There are so many other "unofficial" events going on as well.  A mixer Friday night hosted by the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild, fabric shopping, swaps, a 5K fun run entitled "Running with Scissors."  It will be a busy funfilled couple of days.

I am so very excited to be attending this year!  To finally have the chance to meet in person all those wonderful, creative people whose blogs I stalk admire. As well as many other talented folks. 

Will you be attending?


Wendy said...

Oh I am so jealous, I wish I were going!

Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

I'm going! I can't wait, I think it is going to be so fun! Also, cattle ranch in NM, sounds very cool. :)