Thursday, May 9, 2013

Amish Quilts Exhibit

We set out on one of the first warm Sunday afternoons this year to the International Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe.  They are currently having an exhibit on Amish quilts, titled "Plain Geometry Amish Quilts."

Excerpt: The exhibition explores the aesthetics of Amish quilts by considering what the quilting tradition grew out of and how they changed in a changing world.

A few quilts.
Strip Quilt, Missouri - c. 1945
Fabric: Cotton

Ducks in a Pond, Pennsylvania - c. 1925
Fabric: Wool and cotton
 The quilting is just beautiful, all done by hand (of course.)  I haven't yet done too much hand quilting, okay none, but I can just imagine the hours and patience that went into these!

Another beautiful quilt is this hexagon one.  I've worked a little bit with hexagons, but am itching to try my hands at more! 
Flower Garden, Ohio - C. 1890
Fabrics: Cotton, wool, and silk

The quilt below is not a back, but the front of the quilt.  A whole piece of cloth, hand quilted to look like log cabins.
Log Cabin, Pennsylvania - c. 1885
Fabric: wool

It was interesting to see how the styles differed in each Amish community.  There were 35 total quilts exhibited, a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Do you attend many quilting exhibits in your area?    

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