Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Magic of Toothpaste

Having a toddler around, you never know what they are going to get into. My latest findings have been permanent marker all over my sewing machine and the bookcase at work. Being a little bit obsessive compulsive, I can not seem to concentrate on my sewing with black ink scribbles covering the area. The same goes for at work. However, the work situation was more of "get rid of the evidence before the manager walks in and sees what Logan had done."

In a frantic I cruised the web for what gets permanent marker out; the result - toothpaste. Not toothpaste in the form of a gel, but plain white toothpaste. With scepticism, I smeared the white goo over the black marks on my sewing machine, waited for about 10 seconds and rubbed with a sponge in circular motions. The marks were gone! I couldn't even tell that my sewing machine had been black.

And the result was the same when I brought my travel sized tube of toothpaste from home and worked on the bookshelf at work. No evidence what so ever of a little boy having fun with a permanent marker.

I think toothpaste is now a permanent object in my bag.


beth said...

I will have to remember that one, I never knew that our obsession with brushing would pay off. James is more zealous about brushing now since going to the dentist, he wants to go back!!! I told him only if he brushes and flosses alot, then he can go again at 4. It is almost to the ocd level now, he had water this morning and brushed after. Any particular brand that is best? Wonder if it works on cloth? Might try it on a t-shirt I have.

Shelly said...

Just plain white toothpaste will work; I don't know about cloth though. May have to look that one up.