Thursday, March 18, 2010

Goofing Around

You know what I love about kids? They're not afraid to be goofy, to just be themselves. As we get older, most of us start becoming inhibited about being silly. And sometimes we are labeled a disruption, or even a dork.

I remember once during Christmas at my Grandparents house (I was a teenager), my uncle bought us kids a board game and on Christmas day he sat down to play it with us. On one of my turns I drew a card that said I had to beat my fists on my chest and yell like Tarzan; I felt so foolish. As I look back now, I wonder...why? It's not like I was standing in the middle of the high school cafeteria doing this? What was the problem?

Now as a mom, I embrace my inner child! I run around like a maniac, flailing my arms everywhere and shouting funny words. (Hey, it makes my son laugh!) I make funny faces, dance and twirl around the kitchen until I'm dizzy. I don't have time to think about being self-conscious; I just be me, a mom goofing around with her son.

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beth said...

LOVE the glasses, great picture for a future girlfriend to see :) I know how it is, the sillier you are, the more fun you have it seems. The kids bring out the best in us. They remind us that the world is not all deadlines, cleaning the house and laundry - it is the moments that make up the days.