Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Why does everything seem to fall apart at one time? Our computer is still on the fritz (hence I am blogging from the office right now), our VCR went out, our car has a short in it which causes the noise of the blinker to go on and off (I swear the other day after I turned the car off, smoke was wafting out of the steering column) and Logan tore the blinds in his room out of the wall (and they were professionally installed!)

Just another day in paradise! :)


beth said...

Oh Shelly!!! Im so sorry that things are going south for you right now. I will try to call tomorrow morning after 930. Hope today is better

Shelly said...

No problem Beth!! What can you do right? Things happen.

So we can't watch VHS tapes and I have to do everything from the computer at work; we are getting in some great family time and me some much needed reading time!! :)