Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yesterday I awoke at my usual 6:30 am time to cook breakfast for my husband. I usually have a piece of toast first thing in the morning, wait for that to settle, then move on to something else. However, yesterday was the day to do my glucose screening for this pregnancy therefore no carbs and no sugar. My stomach growled hungrily as I watched the few eggs I scrambled up slowly solidify in the pan. Wanting to get out of the house as soon as possible to get the testing over with (I'm pregnant, it's all about when I will eat next!) I hurriedly got Logan and his stuff ready - a diaper bag filled with the usual change of clothes, snacks, drinks, wipes, etc and his Spiderman backpack filled with books and toys to keep him entertained for a long day ahead. We got out the door and down the driveway at 9:30 am, I counted how long I would have to wait before I can eat again. I hate fasting with a passion, but especially when I could feel a little one jumping around my belly in hunger as well.

At the hospital I tried to guzzle down my orange sugar drink as fast as possible while still answering the questions the receptionist kept throwing my way. The sooner the drink went down the sooner they would click my timer for my hour wait before drawing blood. As I took my seat and showed Logan all the toys I brought him, I wondered how he was going to do sitting in this small waiting room for the next hour - not able to run around. I watched the hands on the clock slowly tick by. Finally at 11:40 am I heard my timer and started gathering the trail of toys that had emerged from Logan's backpack. The nurse drew my blood and we were out of there.

Next stop - food!

By the time Logan and I ate lunch, ran to UPS, and filled the two liquid nitrogen tanks we were carrying around, it was already time for my checkup. Again I gathered Logan up with all his things and headed inside thinking to myself how this part shouldn't take too long, all they had to do was take my blood pressure, listen to the heart beat, and measure how big my tummy is getting. However, my 2:30 pm appointment turned into a 4:15 pm appointment since my doctor was running so far behind, and because she had a medical student side kick; everything had to get done twice.

And after the appointment our day was still not done. Next the grocery store. Luckily I had decided the night before to hold off on a big shopping trip until this weekend. All we had to pick up were a few things to last us until then.

Logan and I finally pulled up beside the front of the house a little after six; Logan passed out in his car seat. I carried him inside, laid him down in bed, and kissed his cheek. Bless my little boy's heart!! A busy day most of which was sitting around doctor's offices and he was so good! I left him to sleep while I put things away and started dinner.

A restless night and the previous day's activities have left me feeling tired and worn down today. Why is it that running errands around town always makes me feel so tired? Yet there are things to be done today and work to do.

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beth said...

Oh Shelly!! Im so sorry that your day was exhausting. Dont you love having to fast while pregnant and then they load you up on sugar? Kinda contradicts things dont you think? Hope you can sneak away and get a few hours to yourself this weekend. You are almost done with pregnancy!! I cant wait to meet her. And way to go for Logan, It always amazes me how good they CAN be.