Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!!!

So much for my goal of blogging twice a week huh?  Anyway, our computer went kaput and so I was out for a while.  But now I am up and running again.

Here's the difference between JP and me.  I'm a researcher.  I research everything before I buy - from irons, to cameras, vacuum cleaners, etc.  I want to know what I am getting and if it is going to do everything I want it to do at a reasonable price.  JP, he's a walk in - this looks cool - I'll buy it kind of guy.  Which is exactly what he was going to do with the purchase of our new computer.  And, this is exactly what he did with the purchase of our old computer (which didn't even last four years.)  Our Dell computer from college worked fine, but he wanted a bigger, better, computer to play is online games on.  However, he bought one of those high-tech needs dual fans to run, if a grain of dust gets on the video card; it's fried kind of computers.  Not exactly the best choice for a little house on a ranch.  No matter how much you clean it, there is still going to be dust and dirt around.

Anyway, our high-tech computer was costing us as much to fix it as the thing did (which wasn't cheap.)  So I finally caved and told him we could buy another one.  (I wanted to spend our tax return on updating dental appointments and eye exams - how is Logan going to keep is great smile without going to the dentist?) JP on the other hand felt a computer was more important - I think he avoids the dentist because he has A LOT of work to be done.  Little does JP know though, I set money aside so he still has to go - ha ha ha!

But, I'm getting off track.  JP says he is learning as he goes on this computer stuff and the abilities to do what he wants to do.  I told him he needs to start making cheaper mistakes to learn from.  OR - do his research!!  So, the morning we were to leave and go computer shopping - blindly - our friend Nick called.  JP was out feeding cattle so I spent the morning asking Nick what a good computer to buy would be (Nick is like me - he researches everything - plus he had just purchased a new computer and since him and JP are pretty much doing the same things on them, he would be a good person to ask.) After 40 minutes of talking processors, RAM, hard drives and graphic cards, I had an idea of what to buy.   And so when we walked into the store to shop for a computer; JP stepped aside and let me do the talking - for once.

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beth said...

glad you got a computer, hopefully this one will last a long time. Missed reading about your life on here. We need to talk soon, I will be home Fri morning...