Monday, February 21, 2011


Sunday is my day to take it easy.  All week long I have two children I am chasing, a husband, dog - all who demand my attention at all times (this is true for Sunday's too.)  On top of all this I have laundry to do, dishes to wash, the house to pick up/clean, etc.  So Sunday is my day to just be a mom and wife and nothing else.  House be damned, it can get clean the other days of the week. 

However, in my need to declutter, I spent my Sunday cleaning out the computer/Aslyn's room.  The room wasn't that bad since most of what was in there got moved out back in August before Aslyn was born.  But, nothing was done with the room since it was painted.  The task should have been one that would only take 2-3 hours; with two kids though, it took pretty much all day.  I cleaned the blinds, windowsills, and floorboards.  Dusted everything, and pulled it all out of the room for a good vacuuming and carpet cleaning.  Oh how filthy the carpet was!  When I was rinsing out the recovery tank of my carpet cleaner there was 3/4 inch thick mud caked at the bottom (and this was just the computer room!)

After the carpet was dry, I moved the furniture back in.  We had picked up a dresser I ordered for Aslyn on Saturday, so now that sits nicely in her room.  Her crib as yet to be moved from Logan's room, I'm hoping to get that done this week.  JP doesn't want to mess with it due to the fact we have to disassemble Aslyn's crib to move it (we discovered that Logan's door does not come off.) 

When the room was back in order, JP and I took turns learning Spanish from the Rosetta Stone program.  I have the hardest time pronouncing 'nada' why?  I have no idea.

It was a busier than normal Sunday for me, but I'm feeling content with one room down.

Before the kids got up this morning I took it easy by sitting at the kitchen table with my garden seeds spread before me, a hot cup of coffee and a seed catalog.  It was inventory time - I went through the catalog and decided on some other things I would like to grow or that I had run out of or am running low on (more on gardening and dirt time at another post.)

Now the kids are awake and it's back to my usual hectic day.  We are all headed into Edgewood today for Aslyn's six month wellness checkup and shots - Logan has the day off since it's presidents day.  Then it's off to the grocery store, and home to put things away and if time, office work for the ranch.

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