Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Four Years Ago....

I welcomed this little guy into the world, four years ago.

I could go on and on about the type of boy he is and becoming, but instead I'm going to get right down to the celebration he had at school.

Logan's teachers had asked him last week what he was planning on bringing to school to share with the other kids.  He told them, "Tractor cookies."  From there the expectations rose.  Regular readers of this blog might remember that for his 3rd Birthday, we sent him to school with boxes of chocolate cow cookies we found (I don't even remember where now.)

I searched everywhere in Albuquerque for tractor cookie cutters, until finally realizing that my mission was a total failure.

Onto plan B...

On a piece of paper I drew a tractor shape and placed that on my dough, cutting around my template with a knife.  It.took.for.ever.

But seeing his face light up and then all the other kids' in the class - - totally worth it!

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beth said...

Happy birthday Logan!!! I love you and hope you had a very special day. I love the tractor cookies you got to decorate for your special day.
The Morrson's