Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Rocket and Me

As some of you know, I am back on training mode for my next marathon. I have every workout planned out weeks in advance, but sometimes we have to forget our plans and just go with the flow.

Yesterday, my planned workout was to run 5-7 miles with time to really focus on stretching. However, I received a phone call at 8am from my husband who called to tell me that he caught Rocket for me. Rocket is one of our horses. We purchased him after the sale last year; and until yesterday, everybody (including Logan) had rode him but me.

So when my husband was done with the morning chores, he took Logan and I left to get acquainted with Rocket. Now the last time I rode a horse was May of 2007, right before I found out that I was pregnant with Logan. So being out there and listening to the steady beat of his feet hitting the ground while galloping across the prairie was quite exhilerating!

Logan & JP on Rocket - 8.23.2008

We rode for hours, I closed my eyes and felt the wind rushing through my hair and on my face. I did not think of what I should be doing or of what needs to be done. I was in the moment.

I cued him to go faster and truly found out why his name is Rocket.

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