Friday, May 8, 2009

Lack of Motivation

It's Friday; the weather outside is sunny and eighty degrees. I am sitting at my desk in the office looking out the window and longing to be out there playing rather than in here.

I find (as does many) that on these days I have no motivation. Let's rephrase that. I have no motivation to work. I have the motivation to go for a hike, work out in my garden, maybe a nice little jog on one of my many running routes. But as for working, zero.

The day is lagging on. Now that the whirlwind of the sale is over and I have everything pretty much caught up, I find myself staring out the window more and more. Dreaming of everything that I would rather be doing.

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Anonymous said...

We all feel that way somedays. Why, I think because sometimes it is the anticipation of spring/summer and the sunshine, that is just out of our reach, that keeps us looking forward to the next day. When is gets here we want to enjoy 100% of it and can't. But, remember when we can it will be oh so wonderful and the anticipation so rewarding. Keep writing, that is part of my sunshine. I miss it!!!