Sunday, January 17, 2010

Silver Spoon

Some people are fortunate (or unfortunate - depending on how you look at it) enough to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Money is never an issue for them because they always and will always have it.

My husband and I both come from a long line of middle class hard working families. And him and I are no exception.

Last night on our way home from celebrating an early Birthday for Logan, we stopped at a relatively new restaurant near us. We had heard that they sell mini Kobe steaks so figured we test it out. We were sat next to the fire, a candle burned on our table, and the white linens were exceptionally crisp.

We asked about the Kobe steaks and were informed that those were on the fall menu; the winter menu is different. I took a glance through the menu; duck, elk, pheasant, tuna, hmmm....Oh steak! I'll get that. salad - mixed greens with fig and walnut dressing. Okay, I can handle that.

Our waitress appeared with our dinners not long after ordering. I looked down at my plate, a nice display; steak looked good, the vegetable looked like a cross between broccoli and asparagus should I even dare to try and eat it? Broccoli doesn't settle well with me...better to be safe than sorry. Good thing I ordered a salad. My husband asked me what the white stuff on his plate was. I told him to eat it and find out. After taking a bite he thought it was pretty good and asked the waitress to remind him what it was - risotto with goat cheese.

He figured Logan would probably like it so gave Logan a bite. As we watched Logan he looked at us questionably, tasting the risotto then abruptly grabbed his neck hacking and sputtering, flung his head back and threw it on top of his arms on the table. We couldn't help but let out loud, bellowing laughter.

I guess Logan is more of poor man's beans and rice kind of guy!

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beth said...

Im with Logan, though the goat cheese and risotto sounds good, Ive been known to gag dramatically on "rich people foods" when I see the bill, and yes, we did have beans and hotdogs last night. There is a reason why we only eat Wagyu once a year... and its coming up soon :) cant wait to see you all.