Sunday, January 24, 2010


We have had one storm after another rolling in here. Lots of snow, lots of wind. These old houses are pretty drafty and our two heaters are propane, therefore the wind is always blowing the heater out in our bedroom.

This happened again last night while Logan and I were hanging out in there playing and reading. I could not get the darn thing lit back up, so Logan and I donned our beanies and scarves. He thought it was great and would "show off" his new play look.

As adults we forget how something so small and simple can be an opportunity for some of the goofiest and best times.

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beth said...

Sorry to hear that you had no pilot light, hope the storms have passed by now. I love the picture, Logan is such a cutie. James saw that Logan has the same pj's as him and went off to his room to find his firetruck pj's...good thing he got distracted. How do I tell him that I snuck them out of his drawer and into a box for you :)
Take care, i miss you