Thursday, April 8, 2010


It seems I am more excited about doing holiday activities than the rest. Of course Logan is still quite young and doesn't exactly grasp the concept of it all yet. I'm sure when he is older he will be just as excited as I.

Last Saturday I set up the pots to boil our Easter eggs (yes we used real eggs.) After much anticipation the eggs were finally done and we were able to start dying. My husband, trying to save a mess from happening, tried to keep Logan locked in his high chair while he dyed the eggs. Of course Logan would have no part of this! What fun is it being trapped watching everyone else dye? I told my husband who cares about the mess! We have newspapers down it won't be that big. So Logan stood on a chair and began dying his eggs with the rest of us, all smiles.

On Easter morning, Dad (my husband) went outside to hide the eggs for Logan to hunt down after breakfast while I prepared his basket for collection. It was my job to aid Logan in the hunting as I didn't know where the eggs were hidden either. After showing Logan what to do with the first egg (find it and put it in your basket.) He was ready to go; running all over the yard, hunting the eggs down and placing them non too gently in his basket. Of course after finding them all he went out to re-hide them!

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