Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beatrix Potter Quilt. Ideas??

My little sister LOVES Beatrix Potter.  She always has.  Her and I shared a room while growing up; her side was filled with Beatrix Potter while mine was classic Winnie the Pooh.

The other day was her 30th Birthday, I asked her if there was anything special that she wanted.  Her reply, a double size Beatrix Potter quilt!

I, being the loving sister I am, wholeheartedly agreed to take on this project.  However, I have come to a roadblock.  I have no idea what the best blocks/patterns would be for this.

I went to the local quilt shop and looked at all the Beatrix Potter fabric to see if the wheels would start turning, nada.  I searched online, but everything I saw was better suited for a smaller quilt (i.e. crib size)

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas?  I will keep racking the creative portion of my mind... 

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