Sunday, July 10, 2011

What? No Ice Cream?

Our usual trip to town on Saturday included a stop to the barber shop for my husband, JP to get a haircut.  My little three year old son - who as many three year old boys do - has TONS of energy and just could not sit still.

Luckily right next door is good ol' 31 flavors, Baskin and Robbins.  So I gathered Logan and his sister up and on we went.  The shop was pretty crowded with people so we weaved our way in, out, and around the other customers, me blabbing away on all the different flavors, Logan trailing quietly behind.  I picked him up so he could get a better view.

When I set him back down on the floor I asked him, "Do you know what flavor of ice cream you would like?"

"No Mama."

"No? Should Mommy pick one out?"

"No Mama."

"Do you want any ice cream?"

"No Mama,"  and he proceeded to walk towards the door.

It was 90+ degrees outside.  Who wouldn't want a delicious, cold, ice cream cone?  Not my son, the little weirdo.

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