Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Quilt

I recently received a text message from a family friend inviting me to her son's, girlfriend's baby shower.  I have met both new-to-be parents at family events (i.e. Christmas, Mother's Day, etc.) but really do not know them all that well.  However, since my family has been friends with theirs for 30 years I feel that whether I attend or not (cattle work is being done so my attendance is still up in the air,) I should have a little something for the new parents.

The baby shower is on Sunday.  Yep.  Sunday!  Not a whole lot of time to put a gift together.  The information I have attained thus far, they are having a little girl and the nursery is in yellow and brown.

I searched through my fabric stash for their color scheme, not a whole lot there in yellows and browns.  It's not that I use these colors a lot, I just don't buy them often, a shame I know!

One of the yellow prints I found has a bit of pink in the center of the flower, so I added in some of Denyse Schmidt's eyelet in pink from the Flea Market Fancy line for a little pop of color.

Obviously, something quick and simple is needed for this baby quilt due to the time restraint.  For babies though, simple seems the way to go anyway.

I decided to do the quilt in a coin stack style.  Here is what is up on my design wall so far.

Another row of coins and a slight rearranging of colors, then I should be able to get my ol' sewing machine a whirring.

Three days to go until deadline!


Crickets Corner said...

It's going to be such a cute baby quilt. Love the coins and the color combination. They will love it.

Sharon said...

You can make this one happen. These colors are perfect together.