Sunday, August 5, 2012


We all know that quilters/sewers are some of the most generous people.  We pour our hearts into our projects, and if you are like me, give each one away to someone.

In troubled times, we help with the gift of a quilt (or other small token made by our own two hands.)  Whether it be pillowcases for the local homeless shelter/children's hospital, quilts for soldiers overseas, or for a disaster (such as the those who lost their homes in the fires.)

While I was on vacation, my sister and I went to a couple of quilt shops.  One of them was questionable on whether it was still open or not, since it was based out of someones home.  A few years earlier, my Mom and sister had gone by and the owner said her shop was closed.  We decided to drive by anyway and see if the situation was the same.

Upon walking through the open door, there were bolts of fabrics from ceiling to floor along the walls, as well as completed mini quilts and other such decor.  We could hear children talking but could not find anyone around.  My husband peeked upstairs and found the owner, explained to her what we were doing there.  It turned out that the fabric portion of her shop was closed, but she does long arm quilting, and that portion is still open.  All of those pretty bolts were her personal stash!

Instead of kicking us out, she showed us around her long arm studio and we chatted for a while - turns out she was a teacher at a neighboring school and we knew a lot of the same people - it really is a small world!

She asked me if I had sewn with flannel. 

Yes, not much though. 

Did you like it? 

Yeah sure.

She then proceeded to fill up a bag of fabrics for me to take home; fat quarters and cotton yardage pieces!

I couldn't believe it!  What a very generous gesture!  Quilters/sewers are truly the best!

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