Thursday, November 15, 2012

Scrappy Stash Quilt

It's completed!  My scrappy stash quilt from the Ellison Lane Quilt A Long.
This quilt is 40 x 48 inches, with 6 monochromatic colored blocks in 5 rows.

I chose to lay my blocks in the same order as the colors of a rainbow. 

For the back, a large piece of Kona Cotton solid in pale flesh.  The binding is more scrappy goodness with half of it being leftover binding from other quilts!  Can't beat that!

Usually when quilting a quilt, I wake up while everyone else is asleep so I can get it done without kids pulling on me and having to stop every two minutes to answer everyone's needs.  This quilt, I did in lines without a care of how straight they were or how far apart.  That way, if a kid decided to jump on my lap and "help", I wouldn't need to stress and pull out a million stitches.

Aslyn and I had such fun doing this photo shoot in our hay barn! 

Our large hay bales were the perfect size to hang this quilt from. And when I was done taking pictures, a quick game of hide and seek (shh, Aslyn is hiding behind the corner of that haybale.) 


Cindy Sharp said...

Awesome! What a great place to take pictures.

tubakk said...

Oh yes, this is so pretty. I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to take part in this group of talented ladies.

lesleyworth said...

beautiful quilt! (and pics!)