Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not Very Kid Friendly

Since I have become a mom, I have noticed how many public places are not very kid friendly. For example, I don't know how many times I have been in a store or restaurant desperately searching for a changing table and there isn't one to be found.

I even went to a McDonalds one day for lunch with my son; he needed a diaper change so I packed him and his diaper bag up and went to the restroom. Can you guess what I found? Absolutely nothing! No changing table.

So for the hundreth time, I was in the back seat of my GMC Jimmy (on cold days it's the backseat, summertime its the tailgate) wrestling with my son, trying to change a wet diaper.

If I am not too far into town, I will swing by Babies 'R Us to the mommy's room. I love the mommy's room at Babies 'R Us. A room with a sofa, a rocker, two changing tables, diapers and wipes for those "unexpected" moments...

Why are there so many of these places without any spot to change your child?


Anonymous said...

You think it is bad now! Go back 20 years.... I think we just keep getting better. But......I can't understand why they don't accommodate my grandson either!

Anonymous said...

20! Go back just 11! There was several times that I had to sit in a stall and change Mackenzie on my lap.... now that's talent :o) Then when she was old enough to stand we mastered the change while standing technique. Happy New Year! ~Elizabeth