Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Night At the Movies

We decided to be daring last night. My husband and I took Logan to see a movie in a movie theatre. On our way I tried discussing with my husband the what if's. What if he doesn't sit still and wants to terrorize the place? What if he starts screaming and yelling like he does when he gets excited? Or when he doesn't want to sit there unmobile? And after all of these what if's; the question. Which one of us is going to leave the theatre with him?

These were not the only questions rambling from my mind. There were also positive notes such as, "a theatre is quite different from tv at home, maybe he'll be awed and entranced by it all!"

So, after we purchased $20 worth of tickets and $15.50 worth of drinks and snacks (in the hopes that if he does start yelling and screaming a raisinet might keep him quiet for as long as the treat will last) we headed into our theatre room. Logan curled up on my lap, checked out the others in the theatre with us, and wide eyed watched the previews...

And that's as far as he got. The squirming started, followed by fussing and yelling because I wouldn't let him down to run and invade the others. With some staring eyes, and a few knowing looks from the older crowd, I left the theatre with Logan.

While my husband sat blissfully in his seat with the diaper bag, my purse, and all the snacks; I chased Logan up and down the halls of the theatre, through the bathrooms (even the men's), around the lobby where he tried climbing on those giant 3-D poster boards advertising new movies, away from tearing up everyone's doantion "stars", and away from the plants.

Luckily, the staff at this particular theatre was very understanding. In fact, with little going on with all the movies playing, they all found my little monster quite entertaining. They laughed as Logan walked up to the concession stand and looked at the candy, then after seeing one of them walk through the employees side door, laughed as Logan quickly followed. While one of the staffers was sweeping up the fallen popcorn from people's bags, Logan followed her around, picking up pieces he found and disposing of them in his mouth. I told him no, that's yucky; but hey at least he was helping right?

After an hour and a half of this the manager of the theatre walked over to us, knelt down and told Logan, "I hear you don't like my movie." The manager laughed as he stood back up and handed me a free movie ticket and told me "to come back and see us." I thanked him as another staff member walked up to me and smiling said, "First movie huh?"

Two and a half hours after Logan and I walked out of our movie, I saw my husband come out of the theatre. He quickly began to tell me how wonderful it was and how I "have to see it!" After he finished explaining the story line and what character clashed with who and why, he asked me how things went with Logan. I told him how patient everyone was and what the manager said and did.

My husband exclaimed, "Wow, that's great! You deserve to watch a movie while I take care of Logan after tonight."

You bet I do.

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