Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Drawer Higher....

You know that song "Mr. Mom" by Rascal Flats? There is a line in there that I keep playing over and over in my head; "Crayons go up one drawer higher." Before I always thought that it was just a cute song. Now I realize how true that song actually is.

The other day as I was cooking dinner I heard a slight noise. I turned around to find Logan had climbed up on our pantry shelves, found the bag of marshmellows, and was shoving little handfuls of the white gooey treats in his mouth as fast as he could before I came and took them away. He then laughed as I was explaining to him why he can not have the marshmellows before we eat dinner and ran off to find other trouble to get into. Needless to say, the marshmellows have been moved to a new location.

Another instance; I was folding laundry in the back room when I heard my husband yell at me, "Did you give him this?"

"What." I yelled back.

"Come here!"

I walked in the computer room where my husband was in the process of taking a bag of cereal away from Logan. Apparently, on this occasion, Logan decided to climb to the cabinet where the cereal is kept, open the box, take the bag out and proceeded to walk into the computer room to visit his dad while munching on little round sugary goodness. Cereal has been moved.

As I was telling Logan's pediatrician about these incidents she laughed and said that she has another patient who's mom was telling her how she finds her 18 month old son sitting on top of the refrigerator. Oh man.

While I am learning to be on the alert for items reachable by little hands, not everybody has grasped this concept yet. In the office the manager left his cup of coffee sitting on his desk right where a little boy could stand on his tiptoes and grab. Keyboards, pens, phones, nothing is safe.

Logan being my first child, it amazes me how quickly little kids grasp and figure things out. At 15 months, he already knows if he can not reach on tiptoes, just move the chair and climb. So as more and more items get moved a little higher, I continue to keep my sanity and savor these moments with the rest.

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