Friday, February 19, 2010

Finding a Nanny

It has been getting harder and harder for my little guy to sit in the office with his mom. With some slighlty warmer weather our way, my husband has been doing more cow work and has not had a chance to take Logan; therefore Logan is stuck in the office with me. It wouldn't be so bad if my little two year old wasn't expected to sit quietly and play with his toys for the whole time. But, he would rather climb on the desk, get into the office supplies on the bookshelves, mess with the computers, and so on.

Again and again I have been told that I need to put Logan into a daycare. I've looked, I really have. All the good ones it seems require the kids to be there a minimum of half a week. Or the children have to be toilet trained - which we are working on but just not quite there yet. And it just is not feasible for me to drive an hour out to drop Logan off at a daycare center than another hour to drive back home to work, another two to pick him up and bring him home again.

And things are not going to get better or easier with another one on the way. It's hard enough trying to get everything done with one child cooped up with you but two? I might as well forget it!

So, upon a discussion I had with my sister-in-law, I brought up the idea of hiring a nanny to my husband. He thought it was great and we discussed having someone come in three days a week for about five hours a day. Long enough for me to go get some work done. Now to actually find one!


beth said...

Oh, how I wish I were closer to help you out. Good luck finding one, I know that my one day a week is sooooo worth it, every little penny. I hope that you can also sneak in some time for you - running errands and getting groceries dont count.

Shelly said...

I know! Even JP is starting to feel his weekends are being deprived with sick calves. Again, he has to be home by 4 today and who knows what time he'll get off; so my birthday celebrations are postponed yet again. Maybe when I go in for my ultrasound next Friday we can squeeze some fun time in then!