Sunday, February 21, 2010

Teddy Ruxpin

Okay, so the picture at right is not the one I was trying to capture. Logan was lying on his stomach with Teddy Ruxpin sitting in front of him telling a story. But as every mother knows trying to capture the picture you want isn't always easy work.

I remember how much I enjoyed my Teddy Ruxpin as a child. Changing his cassette's to tell me a story or sing me a song. Of course back then with regular cassette tapes you could put anyone of them in Teddy and he would sing along. (My husband told me how he and his cousin used to make Teddy Ruxpin sing Tina Turner songs.)

Logan received Teddy Ruxpin the other day from his Grandma; and he has been practically inseparable from him ever since. When Teddy sings, Logan twirls him around and dances with him. During story time, he sits and listens while intently watching Teddy's eyes and mouth move.

Teddy was even brought to bed with Logan, I watched as Logan drifted off to sleep while Teddy sang him lullabies. And it didn't take Logan long to figure out how to operate Teddy himself, even changing his cartridges to play different stories.

I know that Logan will enjoy his Teddy Ruxpin just as much as I enjoyed mine.

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