Saturday, February 20, 2010


It was right before Logan was born (2 years ago) that one of our ranch hand's wife asked me to make each of her five grandkids a quilt. After discussing a pattern and what each child likes (Dora the Explorer, Disney Princess, High School Musical, and Washington Redskins)I got started with some excitement.

I finally finished the last of the five quilts earlier this month! And our ranch hand and his wife couldn't be more pleased (I was nervous making something that I was actually get paid for.) They both have gone on and on about how much their grandkids love their quilts and how they are inseparable from them.

Not only are the grandkids pleased but I learned quite a bit in this process. For example, I used to always take my quilt in to a quilt shop to be quilted; with these I learned how to do that myself. And I have discovered that I hate doing scalloped edges - which were done on four of these quilts!

Now if only I could find my quilt journal to enter this last one in...


beth said...

Wow! 2 posts in 2 days I know Im a junkie for stuff on you - kind of stalkerish if you ask me. (Is stalkerish a word?) Glad you finished the quitls, sorry that you dont get to celebrate your b-day this weekend. Im trying to find my cell so I can call you this am.

GeorgiPorgyB said...

They are beautiful!!!