Monday, July 12, 2010

Anniversary Party

So I wrote about Saturday's afternoon tea we all had; however, our day did not end there! We ran some errands afterwards and then headed out to the Civic Center in Moriarty where we waited to surprise Earl (one of our ranch hands) and his wife Jennifer for their 40th wedding anniversary party; hosted by their daughters and grand children.

Earl and Jennifer arrived around a hour after we got there. Both surprised by the room full of people there to share their many years together. The maid of honor and best man from their wedding 40 years ago presented rings and Earl and Jennifer renewed their vows. We ate dinner, Earl and Jennifer cut a wedding cake, and then the dancing began. Earl and Jennifer glided around the floor to the "bride and groom's first dance" then the rest of the guests were invited up to party down.

Logan watched the colored dance floor lights mesmerized. He watched as guys led girls out to the floor and swung them around. Then he hopped down off his chair, took Mom's hand and led her out to dance. We twirled around for a few minutes before Logan decided that Dad needed to be out there as well! He ran back grabbed Dad and the three of us danced around the room.

It wasn't until after nine before we decided to call it a day; after all we still had a 45 minute drive back home. Logan passed out in the back seat, JP and I blared the air conditioning and rock radio to keep ourselves awake until we got home. A phone call to my sister (it was her birthday) then JP and I crashed into bed.

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