Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh How I Despise...

Men who act "macho."

Ever been out with a group of people (friends, family, etc.) and the guys immediately start puffing up their chests, acting like roosters, and trying to outdo the other in their "machoness?" Really, it's disgusting and quite the turn off.

Last August we went on a short family trip to California to celebrate my Grandmother's 80th Birthday. One night we drove out to JP's cousin's house to stay the night. Her boyfriend was lounging on the couch; until we walked in. Then it was the old time guy's game of trying to prove how he is the top dog among men.

I see it all the time being mainly around men; everyone picking at each other to be the alpha male. Especially during sale time, when other guys come out to help. Some will use swearing (hello...small children learning to talk around) to prove their machoness; or discuss how much they could drink, their past women, or how many fights they've been in. And this isn't just the young roosters; some of the older guys are the worst!

One thing I absolutely love and adore about my husband is how he doesn't feel like he must be the alpha in the pack of wolves. However, when pushed or threatened, he won't sit idly by either. I've seen him come to the aid of others (whether it be on the side of the road or by defending someone being trashed talked.) Yet, he patiently strolls through rows and rows of fabric (the things I've heard husbands say to their wives in the fabric store - they should be ashamed!) or doesn't mind having afternoon tea with me.

JP and I were discussing over dinner the other night what defines a man. Some say it is the fact that he works hard and provides for his family. In so many cases people believe that what a man does for a living defines who he is. When really isn't who he is define what he does?

To me, a man is not what he does or how much finances he can provide. A man is defined by the person he is inside. It is his unselfishness to others, his love for his family and friends. He does not act above and beyond those around him, but treats everyone with respect. A man has integrity, is courageous, and honest. A man is the kindness and gratitude he gives his wife and children.

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