Saturday, July 17, 2010

Discount Sales

It's seven in the morning and I have already cursed a half dozen things (swollen feet, swollen ankles, coffee grounds in the pot so I had to make a new one, burnt toast, dishes, etc.) Perhaps it is starting out this way because of another late night...

Last night was the quilt shops garage sale. JP having been out late the night before due to a fire here on the ranch; I told him that if he just wants to stay home and rest, that's okay with me. We can hit the garage sale next year or I can go without him. He, of course, jumped up and said no we're all going.

I remember last year arriving about 45 minutes after the sale had started, so the majority of the people must have cleared out. This year however, we arrived a few minutes before the start time of 6:00. The line to get in the store was working it's way down the strip. JP and Logan decided to go look at tools (there is a tool store right next to the quilt shop) while I got a place in line. I stood there, listening as women were coming up with their game plans. Not having made a plan (I had all intentions of gathering my list of projects I need to work on and making a list of fabric needed, but never got to it) I stood there mindless. Finally deciding that I was going to look for some pretty fabric to make myself a pillowcase for the hospital when I give birth - the nurses and midwives always tell you to bring a pillow without a white pillowcase so the hospital does not mistake it for one of there's and take it.

The doors to the store opened and the women began scrambling in. When I finally got to the door, it was madness! Women were piled on top of each other trying to get to the bolts of fabric they found and liked. I stood there, my big belly (hard to navigate upon wild women at a sale) got knocked around a couple of times with bolts of fabric, another woman was trying to get a bolt from a top shelf and almost had the whole shelf topple upon my head! I desperately looked around, where were JP and Logan? I need reinforcements!!

I spotted my little Logan standing on the steps inside the quilt shop watching wide eyed; Dad behind him. I waved and they made their way through the masses to reach me. JP asked, "What do you need, tell me and I'll get it." I told him my pillowcase plan. He said that we have four pillows at home and only two pillowcases; both ratty, so I need enough fabric to make four. He weaseled his way amongst the flying bolts and women and picked out ones he liked for him and Logan. Now me. I looked and found a green and brown paisley one; there were many other ones I liked as well, but was ready to get my fabric and get the heck out of there.

After picking out fabric, JP and Logan headed out the door and sat on the curb outside while I paid. I joined them, Logan immediately grabbing Mom's hand to sit down next to him and Dad. As we walked to the car JP said that we all needed milkshakes after that. I whole heartily agreed.

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