Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just A Few Pics

My girlfriend usually posts a blog - oh, about once a week or so, that she calls "This week in pics." I love the idea! So I am going to copy her (Hey - copying is the best form of flattery right?)

PLUS, it forces me to use my camera more! :)

Logan dressed himself here.

Picnicing in the Sandia's. Not sure what he is looking for, but he had to be in the trees to find it.

Helping Mom in the garden.

Grandma sent these visors - one horse, one dinosaur, and one elephant. Logan insists we all have to wear our visors while hanging out.


beth said...

Love the pictues, we have a few of James dressing himself too, hardhat, safety goggles and ear protectors with underware and mis matche shoes. Kids are so darn cute and independant. I like the week in pictures idea, hmmm where did you get that? It is mostly because Im too lazy to blog every day and it satisfies the family with photos of the kids.

Shelly said...

Yeah, believe it or not, sometimes I just have nothing to say.