Friday, December 3, 2010

Operation Tiger Rescue

Logan likes to haul things around.  Yesterday it was a tree branch, a plastic container where some of his toys are suppose to be stored (he was carrying it around empty), and his toy tiger - I have no idea where this tiger came from; but Logan likes to carry him around and hang things off of his tail - such as Aslyn's pacifiers.

So Logan was hauling these items around, when I put him in the car and drove him to school he was still hanging on to them.  When we got to the preschool, I told him he does not need to bring them in, that they can stay in the car and they will be here when he gets picked up.  Of course this threw him into a fit.  He ran off crying, tried to get in the car on the other side and so forth.  I told him we could compromise and he can bring in one item - the tiger.  Well, that was not good enough for him; he wanted them all so he threw the tiger.  Fine, I said now you can't bring anything.  I carried Aslyn in one arm and dragged Logan - who in his fuss became a limp noodle - into the school. 

I figured that I would pick the tiger up on my way back out.  However, in my haste to get back home (as posted in my earlier blog, yesterday was our NHTC audit) I forgot all about Logan's tiger until I was halfway home.  JP asked me how dropping Logan off was and I informed him about the tiger laying out in the middle of the parking lot.  He called the school while I ran off to work.

When I went to pick Logan up, I was told that "Operation Tiger Rescue" was a success.  Sir Eric (one of the other little boys there - he dressed up as a knight for Halloween and his winter hat looks like a knights helmet) and Miss Debbie (one of the teachers) searched the parking lot and rescued Logan's tiger bringing him back to safety and into the hands of his relieved, delighted owner.  Sir Eric then informed everyone, "To call on him again!  He not only rescues tigers, but also people and puppies!"

I was giggling as I listened to Miss Allison (the other teacher) relay the story to me; picturing every moment.

On another note: All the kids were out on the "big" playground when Logan shouted "Ella!"  Well, Ella (a little girl in the class) heard Logan shout out her name and went running to see what he wanted.  Everybody was so excited at this event that now, according to Miss Allison, the whole world knows when Logan called Ella.


beth said...

Hey, that IS our tiger, he has 3 other siblings (dollar store find) I cant let James see your blog for a while. Glas Logan likes the expensive toys! We also found a lion that is 12" long and about 6" high - he is another favorite from santa last year. James also hangs pacifiers off of the tails of animals...too cute!

Shelly said...

I figured it was something left behind!! I'll have to post until the tiger picture doesn't show up huh?!