Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Recital

Today marked the last day of school for Logan until January 3. To celebrate, Cibola House Preschool put on a little holiday recital for the parents. The kids all lined up in the East room while the parents gathered in the West. Soon the kids came in ringing bells, searching for their Moms and Dads with big grins on their faces.

You may have noticed a hole where a kid should be as well as a missing little boy.  There are actually two kids missing - both the youngest in the group.  As the class piled in the two younger ones decided that they would prefer watching rather than participating (I think it was all just a little bit too much for them.)  So, Logan sat on my lap smiling and cheering on his classmates.

  Of course that soon ended when the singing was over and it was snack time...

As the kids gathered around the table, the parents stood nearby socializing.  (Beware - bragging about to take place.)  I had parent after parent approach me and tell me how much they have heard about Logan.  Apparently it is always, Logan this and Logan that.  One couple approached me and told me how their daughter -Thora- came home and said she "liked a boy at school named Logan, he's two and rides horses."  Her parents and older brothers told her she was making Logan up, there is no two year old who rides horses.  After the teachers of the school heard this, they were adament on having Thora's parents meet Logan and his parents.

I also heard over and over how much Logan is a joy to have around and how much everybody adores him.  I'm so proud of my little guy!!

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