Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time For a Time Out

We all have had them.  Everything is going somewhat smoothly, your daily routine has fallen into place, work is at a steady pace so your "to do" pile is getting completed daily.  Then it happens.  A whirlwind of things come blowing your way.

First it was work.  I received an e-mail - the livestock insurance had to be updated that day because the original company is no longer handling this type of insurance and it will lapse tomorrow.  Two other e-mails came in from Breedplan in Australia marked "urgent."  1. Our recip cow information needed to be updated - 2008 animals were fine but 2009-2010 needed attention.  2. They are coming out with a new breedplan report so update all cattle information ASAP!  Phone call: it is time for our NHTC audit, scheduled for Thursday (hence make sure a whole year's worth of ration records, movement records, drug inventories, cattle shipping records, and compliant/non-compliant information is updated and available for our auditor.)  JP comes in and says he needs this information typed up in numerological order with cane code numbers and grouped by Wednesday.  In waltzes the manager, "you need to send this e-mail and make this phone call and when you are done with that I have another couple of projects for you.

Of course this is all happening when I lose a day of work.  Wednesday - doctor's appointment so I will be out of the office.

The American Wagyu Association is converting registrations over to a new system, another e-mail - make sure all registrations are in by December 15, as the new system will cause a few weeks delay for proper training.

Second, home:  JP: why haven't you sewed up my pants yet?  When are you going to start working out?  You need to wash all the bedding down to the mattress - including sleeping bags and pillows (he was/has been sick).   The carpet needs to be cleaned.  Phone call: Shelly, this is so and so from ABQ Health Partners revenue department- did you know that you have an outstanding balance of $972.00?  When can we expect this paid?  Me to ABQ revenue:  No I did not know, please put me on a payment plan and why have I never received a bill from you guys?  I tell this to JP, he says:  You should call the insurance company and see what is going on (we are now paying on three separate hospital bills - Sheridan Children's Hospital, Lovelace Women's Hospital, and now ABQ Health Partners.)  Another phone call: so have you started training yet (for my next marathon?)  Me: No, I haven't done anything.

I do a short meditation.  I think I need a time out, some quality R & R.  A day or even a few hours of absolute nothingness.  Just me and maybe a good book -  (which is another thing JP has gotten on to me about - Him: What you don't like reading anymore? 
Me:  Of course I like reading!  I just haven't had a chance to sit down and absorb myself in a good book lately,) - put on some Miles Davis, maybe Tchaikovsky, light a few candles, grab a cozy blanket and curl up on the chair.  Of course in order to do this, I'll have to kick JP and the kiddos out... 

Something I don't see happening in the near future.  But doesn't it sound like absolute bliss?


beth said...

Sorry to hear that it has been crazy for you. Hope it slows down some. I would call you but you wouldnt understand me. The kids and I have been sick and Ive lost my voice except for a small squeak! Thinking of you, take a break and have some coffee (and yes, it is ok to kick JP and the kids out even if it is only for an hour)

Shelly said...

Oh it will... Sorry about you being sick - that's miserable. Especially for a mom, you never get any actual rest time!