Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Logan's Quilt

A package arrived several days ago addressed to Logan and Aslyn.  When we opened the box; this gorgeous quilt was all folded neatly tucked inside.

I showed the quilt to Logan, and he immediately became attached to it.

A quilt handmade with lots of love and care just for Logan!  Each of the 12 blocks is embroidered with a different farm picture,

I had hung the quilt up on Aslyn's dresser to snap pictures of it.  Soon Logan had his own little fort to play in.

When we went into my room for some reading and family movie time, Logan insisted that his quilt come too so he could wrap up in it.  It wasn't long before Aslyn had wiggled herself to it.

I think she's a bit attached as well.


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beth said...

I am SO glad he likes it and is USING it. It was made to be used and enjoyed. Aslyn will soon have a quilt too - in about the same timeframe as Logans. I work slowly, sorry. Love the pictures of them - especially Aslyn sleeping on it.