Saturday, March 19, 2011


I enjoy sewing, but have never fancied myself as an actual sewer.  It became a hobby between graduating college and job hunting; something to keep my mind and hands busy while anxiously waiting to hear back from potential employers. 

I never sat down with my grandmother or mom and learned how to sew, it was is a learning process.  I knew my grandmother on my dad's side sewed, but whenever I came to visit, we were so busy do other things (walking along the beach at Monterrey Bay, visiting the Aquarium, golfing, hiking in the hills behind her house, swimming, etc.) that we never sat down and had a lesson.

It's amazing how once the "word gets out", how large your sewing project list becomes.  Yesterday while I was working away in the office, Lydia (Danny's (one of our ranch hands) wife)) stopped by.  She had a bag full of jeans and a coat in her hands.  I asked her to sit down and we chatted away - I noticed Stan (the manager) got out of the office quickly! Anyway, the coat is Danny's and the zipper needs fixing.  The jeans are her son's and they need patching and since I sew....  You get where this is going. 

I said I would get to it but that I had some other projects ahead of hers, "no problem, Shelly whenever you get a chance!"  After she left, I turned back to my computer and started back where I left off.  However, my mind was not focused on what drug we gave cow 767 in May of 2009 for the flush.  So instead, I ventured over to word and made this list:
Shelly's Sewing Project List

1. Logan's Pillowcase
2. Sarah's 1/2 apron
3. Stan's curtains - 2 sets
4. Danny's jacket - new zipper
5. Joseph's pants - patch
6. Ireland sweatshirt - fix zipper
7. Logan's quilt - binding
8. 5 - zippered bags (one for each Montano grandchild)
9. Aslyn's quilt
10. JP's socks - darn
11.JP's shirt - trees
12. JP's shirt - stars
13. Madilyn's quilt
14. Mom's full apron
15. Sarah's full apron
16. Mom's quilt - queen size
17. Sarah's quilt - double bed
18. Apron for Logan - shark fabric
19. Shelly: 1/2 cooking apron
20. Shelly: full cooking apron or gardening apron?
21. Jessie/Chris quilt - queen size - colors?
22. Quilt for Savannah
23. Quilt for Lily
24. Quilt for Beth - Daisy's - size?
25. Quilt for Georgi/James - size?
26. County/State Fair - project to enter???
27. Market bag 

Whew!!  I feel like I'm forgetting something...

I don't know how long it will take me to get to all these projects, but I will get to them.  Since the weather is nicer, it's more difficult for me to sit down and sew, however I decided that if I take about an hour each night after I get the kids to bed to work on a project, I will slowly get this list widdled down.  Some of them I don't have to do but want to (such as entering something in the fair.)  And luckily others are pretty quick such as patching pants, darning socks, making pillowcases (which I'm actually almost done with) and zippers.  Oh, and those 5 little bags shouldn't take too long.  I got my first one complete in just a hour or so.  

I was going to make a list for the garden and yard, but am afraid too.  Maybe in a few days.  If I made it now, I might just get too overwhelmed!

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