Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mounted Shooting Competition

Yesterday we packed up and headed out, but instead of going to Albuquerque, we went the opposite direction, to the Foundation Ranch in Edgewood. We came to watch the SASS - Single Action Shooting Society - compete against each other in a mounted shooting competition.

There are 5 red balloons and 5 white balloons. The riders ride in and shoot the white balloons first - the white balloons are in a U shaped pattern around the red balloons - then round a barrel, and head down a straight path as fast as they can and shoot the 5 red balloons.

 For every balloon missed it is a 5 second penalty off your time.

Uh oh...missed one.
 This was just a small competition amongst each other in the SASS group. There is a big Wild West show every June with vendors (at this one there wasn't even a water spout) and where people from all over the world come and watch. We were told that last year folks from Australia and Africa attended the event. Which I think would be really cool show to see!!

JP reading about single mounted shooting.
JP was looking at my pictures after we got home and laughed at the fact I had more of Logan and Aslyn (I didn't post all of them) than I did of the horse and riders...

What are they up too?

 Hey, I'm a Mom!  Of course I'll have more pictures of them!

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