Monday, August 29, 2011

Farm Tour

At least once a year the Santa Fe farmers market hosts one day that people can go and tour some of the local farms.  This year there were 11 farms to tour. I knew I wanted take a peek at some of them, so we chose two that were closest to our place.

The first one was a little place in Stanley, NM.  I wasn't sure what to expect being that this farm's main focus was birds.  They raised chickens, geese, turkeys, pheasants, pigeons, peacocks, and others that I didn't recognize.  The birds are used mainly for meat and feathers.  They had a small little crop of veggies and herbs as well.

We reached the second farm in Moriarty.  This farm was just my style. A farm that has been the heart of this family for six generations.  The family members we met were all extremely nice, the dad had quite the tractor collection, which my little 3 year old was ecstatic about.  It's funny, we have four tractors here on the ranch that he sees everyday, yet he gets so excited seeing tractors anywhere.

The oldest daughter was roasting corn for those of us there to tour.   Logan loves corn on the cob.  A table under a shade tree (and next to a tractor), biting into a freshly picked roasted corn cob!  Does it get any better?

 I'm looking forward to seeing what farms will be on next year's list.

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