Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP #6

I haven't gotten much sewing done in the past couple of weeks.  Now that I am almost caught back up at work, I think I can start really diving in to all my lovely projects again. 
Remember this sampler that I was taking with me on our little trip to Washington.  Well, this is as far as I have gotten. 

I have discovered that I am quite slow when it comes to crewel work.  That, and I am learning each stitch as I do them.  The only stitch work I have ever done in the past is cross stitch and french knots.  But it's coming along.

This is a log cabin quilt top my mom made (I think) 30 years ago.  I don't remember her doing any type of quilting while growing up.  Just little things like sewing on scout badges and hemming clothes.  But I love this little quilt top!  My mom gave it to me to finish (sandwich, quilt, and bind.) 

Projects in the works:
Warm cool quilt along
Kaleidoscope quilt along
Skill Builder Sampler
Daisy chain ABC sampler
Quilt & bind:
I Spy quilt
Log cabin quilt

Projects on hold:
Double size Beatrix Potter quilt (I have a pattern in mind for this, still working it out though.)
Barn quilt

This week's stats:
completed: 0
in the works: 4
quilting/binding: 2
on hold: 2
Linking to other great projects in the works at Freshly Pieced.


Jerimi said...

I think it's very neat that your mom gave you a log cabin quilt to play around with. Your crewel work is just gorgeous, and I love that shade of green. It's perfect!

Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a fantastic week.

Leanne said...

Beautiful needlework! I think finishing an old project of your mothers, especially a log cabin quilt would be so fun.