Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

A week of costume and trick-or-treat bag making, and still my sister - who came to visit - and I were up this Halloween morning putting the finishing touches on costumes.

As we were getting the costumes together, I wondered what did we do all week?  It seemed like we were working in every spare moment on it all and still we weren't done?  We went out Sunday, searching stores to purchase some pumpkins for my kiddos to carve; finally finding a few (and expensive) ones at the fourth store we drove by, a feed store close to home.  All the years before my little family has gone to the local pumpkin  patch, but somehow time got away from us this year and I realized while running errands on Sunday that we didn't have anything to carve into jack-o-lanterns.

My son's preschool party was at noon this year so we needed everything done by 11:15 am. I really think that if I didn't have my sister here visiting and willing to help with Halloween costumes, that I would not have had them done.

So thank you, thank you my little sis!!

I did get one out of two trick-or-treat bags done...

And my sister even made a Halloween dinner...


And had Logan decorate cupcakes...

Spider cupcakes
Without further delay, this year, with a lot of duct tape, some bolts, felt, a sewing machine, cardboard boxes, paint - I present (drum roll please!)

A rancher in his John Deere Tractor and...

his little Wagyu calf.

Happy Halloween!!

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beth said...

I love the costumes!!! The kids are so stinkin cute even before they were dressed up. Good job Momma Shelly and Auntie Sara! And dont feel bad aboutthe pumpkins - the only reason we have carved pumpkins is that James carved 2 with Papa. Ours from the garden sit on the porch uncarved and I guess I will use them to make soup or pie or something.
Miss you tons, kiss the kiddos for e