Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP #14

Another Wednesday, another completed project!  Can you believe it?
I know I kept saying I couldn't show the whole thing because it is a Christmas present for someone, but luckily it's someone little who will only peek if her mom let's her.

Almost every piece of this quilt (including the batting) came from my stash. The only thing purchased was the binding and I have no idea what it was. Just some gray and white from JoAnn's.

Speaking of binding, I have never used the technique that Jeni posted, I have always hand stitched my binding on. What a time saver her method was!

And the back....

Aww, look at that little helper?  Originally I was going to do this photo shoot in our hay barn, but the day got  away from me and before I knew it, the sky was dark.  So I recruited him and Dad to hold it up for me.  Of course, then our dog Biscuit had to admire and if you peek behind Logan there, Aslyn is trying to make her way into the scene.

A few more projects are getting underway this week.  Yay!

Projects in progress:Kaleidoscope quilt (behind)
Skill Builder Sampler (behind)
Daisy chain ABC's sampler (on the letter 'J')
Husband's shirt

No progress: but getting there
Bottled Rainbow quilt (sorting scraps)
Princess Pea quilt

Quilt/Bind:Log cabin quilt

Currently on hold:Beatrix Potter quilt (working up design)
Barn quilt

This week's stats:Completed: 1
New projects: 0
In progress: 9

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Debbie said...

Fun little quilt - great you have such a jump on Christmas!

KristyLou said...

Awesome stash quilt.

Anonymous said...

Love all those half squares. Isn't it fantastic when a quilt comes entirely from the stash? I love it!

Kristen, pajama mama said...

great colors-and how cool that they all came from your stash!

Mary said...

SO pretty!


Carla said...


Kelli said...

I love those scrappy zig zags! What a great gift. I'd cuddle up under it happily. And any time it comes from stash makes it that much better!