Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP #13

Geez, these Wednesdays come fast.  If only I could say the same for Fridays...

Today, I have a couple of completed projects to share {gasp}. I know!!

So if you took a peek at this blog earlier this week, you would have seen that the I Spy and Matching Game quilt I made for my son's preschool is completed!  His teachers asked me to present it to the class at circle time with a little information on the process of making it and so forth.  However, I think I laid it out for them prematurely, as soon as I did the class pounced on it and I completely lost my audience.

Quilt Stats:
Size: 48" x 60"
Fabric: Lots of different ones!  Some from a swap done early this past summer, some from my stash, my local quilt shop and Joann's.
Quilted: Meandering stars
update: Design: can be found here.
The second project completed is part of a Christmas gift (I warned the recipient's mom that I was going to post this.)  It's a small thing but something I wanted to make...

A crayon roll!  It all came together so easily, I can see making more of these for gifts (we've been invited to quite a few Birthday parties recently) or as party favors.  I used leftover fabric from my son's quilt I made him earlier this year.

Projects in progress:
Kaleidoscope quilt (behind)
Skill Builder Sampler (behind)
Daisy chain ABC's sampler (on the letter 'J')
 Husband's shirt

Not started:
Bottled Rainbow quilt (sorting scraps)
Princess Pea quilt

Log cabin quilt
Warm, cool quilt

Currently on hold:
Beatrix Potter quilt (working up design)
Barn quilt

This week's stats:
New projects: 5
In progress: 4
Not started: 2
Quilt/bind: 2
On hold: 2

More great projects at Freshly Pieced!


Debbie said...

Your "I Spy" quilt is great! It's so nice you were able to actually talk to the class about making it. Very cool.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Beautiful Quilt! I love I spy quilts! Found you thru' WIP and I am following you now!

Jennifer said...

The i spy is fabulous! I've been wanting to make a crayon roll for some time, yours may have pushed me over the edge! so cute!

Lisa Ann said...

I really like the I Spy quilt...what a great idea for a classroom! Both projects are very cute!