Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Quilts

For someone (me) who loves the holidays - and I'm not just talking about Christmas - I have never wanted to make a holiday quilt - any holiday quilt.  I guess I always thought if I were going to make a quilt, I would want something that I could have out and use all year long. 

Perhaps it's because I was looking around my house thinking I needed more Christmas-y decorations.  Or perhaps I am just feeling more inspired and giddy over this season, whatever it is I have been itching to make a Christmas - something.

And how could I not be with these cheery finds?

I really like the candy cane stripe binding on this one.

Photo: Empty Bobbin

Who could resist this classic?

Oh, and the fabric...

Isn't that windmill just the sweetest thing?  I saw that fabric and fell in l.o.v.e! 

I think I will be making a holiday quilt.  And a tree skirt.  And some bunting.  And...

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Wendy said...

Oh yum, I'm with you on the first quilt - that's gorgeous!